#EntrepreneursUNite for the Next Billion Jobs


Did you know 70 to 90 percent of new jobs around the world are created by entrepreneurs who run small businesses and startups?

Did you know that the world needs 600 million new jobs in the next 15 years for a sustainable global economic growth?

Have you ever wondered if our entrepreneurs and small businesses are ready to create the necessary new jobs in the next 15 years to employ the eligible workforce?

Great news! Yes, it is possible if they have access to capital, talent, technology, and markets.

I am asking you to join Michael Dell, me and many other entrepreneurs in securing support for U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 8, which aims to improve conditions for entrepreneurs around the world.

The United Nations General Assembly will gather in September to vote on the Sustainable Development Goals. The ones that are adopted will become our road maps toward sustainable growth for the next 15 years. This will influence policy in countries around the world.

Goal 8 aims to empower entrepreneurs around the world, helping them foster innovation, job creation and sustainable economic growth by increasing access to capital, markets, talent, and technology.

Our goal is to reach 100,000 signatures … and you can help.

#EntrepreneursUNite is a worldwide petition to ask for the support of Sustainable Development Goal 8 (related to economic growth and employment) adopted by the United Nations.

Led by Michael Dell and Dell team members, this campaign will gather support through signatures of thousands of private sector leaders, entrepreneurs, academia and the general public.

The objectives of this campaigns are to:

  • Deliver at least 100,000 signatures showing support for Goal 8 at the U.N. General Assembly in September 2015.
  • The goals that are adopted will determine policy commitments at the local level that will foster growth through entrepreneurship around the world.

So, what are Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

SDGs are basically the world’s to-do list. Chosen by the United Nation, they set goals on a global scale, with a path to reach those goals by 2030. There are currently 17 SDGs, meant to tackle poverty, create jobs, curb climate change, and set the world up for a prosperous and sustainable future by 2030.

As an entrepreneur, you will be particularly interested in SDG Goal 8.  Goal 8 is for “promoting sustained, inclusive economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all.”

More specifically it calls for:

  • Increased lending for small businesses globally
  • More than 7 percent year-over-year GDP growth in developing nations
  • Access to more diverse, innovative, technologically advanced
  • Lower global unemployment
  • Elimination of all forms of child and slave labor by 2025
  • Enabling of equal opportunity employment and equal pay
  • Fostering of more global green initiatives
  • More access to aid-assisted money for startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • And finally better working conditions for all

There are four core pillars of this initiative. They are:

  • Access to Markets :  Better cross-border trade agreements and tax leniencies for entrepreneurs as 85 percent of the next $21T GDP comes from outside the US
  • Access to Capital : Enhanced tax codes to support entrepreneurship and innovation as IPO activity and VC funding has stalled due to macroeconomic uncertainty
  • Access to Technology : Support of access to the Internet for all as tech is dramatically driving down costs to start a business, and using tech effectively creates 2X as many jobs
  • Access to Talent : Implementation of immigration policies that enable startups to gain access to global talent and remove barriers for high-skilled talent


I would like each of you to take five minutes of your time today and help us show the United Nations how important Goal 8 is in reducing poverty and generating growth.

  1. Sign the petition!  Entrepreneursunite.com or http://bit.ly/1INKjV4
  2. Share with your contacts, friends and family and ask them to sign!

Lets make entrepreneurship a top, world-wide priority by joining the #EntrepreneursUNite campaign today.

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Chaitra Vedullapalli Chaitra Vedullapalli is currently the CMO of Meylah, a turnkey native marketplace platform. Chaitra is a co-architect of Ignite Washington, a city by city digital readiness initiative to foster local economic development. Chaitra has a proven track record of enabling global transformations, architecting innovative business models and leading communities with excellence. She is recognized as Top 100 Small business influencer and holds a patent in Web Methods.

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  1. Nothing you do in this world is isolated. Being an entrepreneur not only gives you money, it also helps other people make money by having a job. More than a profit maker, you can be a job creator helping people worldwide.