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Retailers, get ready for yet another opportunity to market and SELL your wares to customers, through social media.

The big thrust of social media, to date, has been content marketing to drive leads through a sales funnel.

However, with the implementation of buy buttons within your social feed, you can now encourage the activation of a purchase DIRECTLY in your social feed from your followers.

As your customers get more and more comfortable with your brand and as they like your messages more and have an affinity with that message they’ll be more willing and interested to click “buy” to purchase from you.


Do not ignore 80 percent (or more) of high value content, GIVING. If you start to jam the “buy” button in every social message you deliver you’ll turn off customers, for the most part.

People are still using social media to share with friends, have fun, get interesting tidbits of information and etc — respect that. writes:

“Twitter is certainly not the only tech company getting into buy buttons — Pinterest, Facebook, Google and Facebook’s Instagram have all been testing out their own versions of buy buttons. Unfortunately for Twitter, though, it stands out from its competitors in one important way: tweets have a very short lifespan.”

The buy button is not new. Twitter announced it in 2014. However, it’s now out of beta to a broader set of retailers. Expect to see Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other social sites blooming with buy buttons over the next few months.

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  1. A nifty feature, we’ll see what’s the marketers feedback about it like.

  2. Social media can be quite profitable. I know several people who no longer use traditional media. The Internet and social platforms is already enough for them. So this is a good opportunity to market to them.

  3. Indeed, Grabbing opportunities on social media platforms in growing business.

  4. Nice article guys.

    I was wondering if I could ask the group a question; what content strategy ratio are businesses using on social media these days? Currently we are implementing a 80:15:5 content strategy of the following structure:
    – 80%high value/general interest content
    – 15% information about the brand
    – 5% direct call to action

    We are always on the look out for new and better ways to operate on social media, and we would like to know other people’s opinions!

  5. I think that every business should gain profit from social media, moreover in most cases it’s free! People are so engaged in social media life so it will be useful for them to find their favorite company on the web.

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