How Do You Get Your Message Heard Amid Social Media Noise?

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Indeed there’s a LOT of noise on social media networks.

Even some are saying that Facebook is now “old” and declining in relevance.

Well, everything at one time or another declines in relevance. However, Facebook is not going away and may be around for many years to come with millions and millions of users. So will Twitter, LinkedIn (for sure LinkedIn), and other social networks.

AdWeek mentions that, although social networks are crowded, noisy small business owners can still make them work — if you’re smart.

Three tips AdWeek offered from sports nutritionist, fitness trainer and life coach Natalie Jill are:

  • Start by offering something of value. Building influence is all about establishing expertise, which means sharing useful content that answers questions or provides a solution.
  • Listen to your audience. Jill says it’s easy to develop a program. What’s harder is listening to your audience and developing your products based on their feedback.
  • Grow by working smarter. As your following — and business — grows, identify what’s working and what isn’t working. Look at how much time you spend on a given project and ask yourself if there’s a more effective way to accomplish your goals.Beyond social media, keep in mind your other digital assets:
    • Have a great Web site
    • Have an email newsletter
    • Publish blog
    • Have well designed business cards
    • Take the time to get to know people (face-to-face)

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  1. offer something that people need to see. Offer value and it will get you noticed. It will prevent you from being just another business owner honking his own horn.

  2. SMM work needs time and patience but the techniques should be followed very minutely. We are socializing and we have to do this in social manner. I liked this post.

  3. The problem for most businesses is finding the time to stick with a social media strategy and provide things of value that don’t take a production to create. These are good tips, I’d love to see more details on how businesses could execute specifically.

  4. I believe that social media strategy is important for any business. Moreover, it’s important to know your audience and competitors, to analyze them. It will help to optimize your social media efforts.