Google My Business Users, Heed this Warning

google my business de-verified

Google has issued an important notice for small business owners with a Google My Business account.

The company warns that business owners may soon be receiving a message from Google asking them to take action or have their account de-verified.

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The notice states that business owners who have not logged into their Google My Business accounts in over a year may receive an email asking them to sign in and confirm their business information.

There are potential consequences to ignoring this warning from Google. First, the company could turn your business’s account back into an unverified one. Second, Google could take the extra step and remove your business from Google Maps, too.

The reason behind this recent action from Google is the customer’s experience. Google explains in the notice:

“When companies don’t keep their online information up to date, it can create an unpleasant experience for people searching the Web for information, like if a customer arrives at a local business only to find that the address or operating hours have changed. We’re always trying to make it easier for customers to connect with businesses on Google.”

Google claims that if a business owner receives one of these email notices about their account, the steps for keeping their account verified are simple. Business owners will be prompted to log into their Google My Business dashboard, check if all their business information is correct, and make any changes necessary.

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The company goes on to say that regardless of whether you receive an email or not, it’s a good idea to log into your Google My Business account at least every six months to make sure all business information is up to date and accurate.

This is not the first time Google has issued this warning to business owners with a Google My Business account. Back in June, the company gave a similar warning to business owners, asking them to log in and update their information before they received an email warning of de-verification.

If your small business is on Google, it is a good idea to make sure the information being displayed is correct and as current as possible. This is for both for customers looking for you business information on Google as well as an easy way to help drive potential customers your way.

Image: Google

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  1. This is serious business people. It will only take a minute to login and re-verify, so do it.

  2. I guess it is their way of weeding out the serious business owners from the people who are only in it for informal reasons. I guess they just have to login and verify their accounts.

  3. Chinese Proverb

    “A bad workman blames his tools.”

    Yes, Google has given local business owners tools!

  4. My small business was closed in 2002. That`s 13 years ago.
    The net is not up to date and not to be corrected as it seems.

  5. Do a search for your business and you will find many other directories that might list your business and all that information might not be correct, you can contact them to correct their listing or go it yourself by registering as the business owner. There is so much misinformation or old data out there.