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5 Project Management Lessons From Great Business Leaders

5 Project Management Lessons From Great Business Leaders

Some of the most successful tech business leaders of this era are and were masters of completing projects. If you're leading a project for your small business, you'd be wise to learn lessons passed on from these entrepreneurs.

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What To Do When Vacations Are Over

Everyone talks about not coming back from a vacation but in reality, even the greatest break comes to an end. Here's how to prepare for the end of your next business vacation to transition back to work mode.

#EntrepreneursUNite for the Next Billion Jobs

#EntrepreneursUNite for the Next Billion Jobs

U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 8 is an effort aimed at fostering the proper environment for entrepreneurs to succeed worldwide. Here's how you can help the endeavor.

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Sujan Patel of WhenIWork Discusses Growth Hacking, Product Market Fit

Sujan Patel comes from a family of small business owners. So he knows first hand the problems small businesses face when trying to grow while managing the day-to-day operations involved in keeping a company up and running. This interview provides some insights small business owners won't want to miss.


Read “Uninvested” to Take Control Back From Wall Street

Knowing what's going on with Wall Street may make you sick. But if you're tired of being mad, try to take control instead. "Uninvested" gives you the chance to do that in a whole new way. It's up to you to decide whether you think that approach can work for you.

Learn More About Sales at a Business Event this Week

Learn More About Sales at a Business Event this Week

Join live streaming experts at the Periscope Summit in New York City this September. In addition to live streaming, experts in the field will also discuss top social media marketing tips and other topics at this event.

10 Tips to Become a Blogging Rockstar and Succeed at Business

10 Tips to Become a Blogging Rockstar and Succeed at Business

Blogging as a business or for your business involves a lot more than just spewing thoughts onto a page and hitting the Publish button. There's a lot of strategy that should be going into your business blog. Members of the small business community discussed some tips and more in this week's Small Business Community Roundup.

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Selling Wine with a Bit of Drama

For a few months a year, the Mount Hope Estate and Winery in Pennsylvania transforms its grounds into a Renaissance-era village, complete with royal court, period food, performers, and of course, wine. The event is attended by thousands every year.


Speakrets: Overcoming Obstacles to Great Public Speaking

If you think communication, and more specifically public speaking, is something you either have or you don't, think again. Ruth Sherman has a few public speaking secrets, "Speakrets" she calls them, that will change everything.