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loopy cases

Loopy Cases: This Business Fills a Simple Need

Sure it would be great to build the next great Internet search engine or launch the next super successful social media platform. But when it comes right down to it, the critical thing is to find a need to fill it, not matter how small.

google my business de-verified

Google My Business Users, Heed this Warning

Google has issued a warning to Google Small Business users who may not be keeping up-to-date with their accounts. If yours has been inactive for a about a year, Google will be asking to verify the information -- hours, address, phone number, etc. -- it has. Otherwise, it could choose to de-verify your business's account.

customer service widgets wordpress

9 Smart Widgets for a Better Customer Experience

You may never finally settle on a website design that truly meets your or your customers' needs completely. But these widgets and plugins -- mostly for WordPress sites -- can help go a long way to making your site customer friendly that don't require a whole lot of effort or expertise to implement.

starting your business

Start Your Big Idea with Baby Steps

Small business owners likely have big dreams. But in order to achieve greater success in business, it's wise to take the growth process slowly and steadily.

business experience

Look Deeper Than the Surface for Business Experience

When it comes to hiring an employee, mere instinct will lead you astray. Don't trust how you feel about a person. Look for credentials. Do they have the skills you need? Or are you just hiring blind, taking an employee who may look right but is all wrong for your company?

youtube ad revenue sharing

YouTube Ad Revenue Sharing Threatened by Facebook

Tens of thousand of producers have started creating video content on YouTube to take advantage of the platform's shared ad revenue program. Unfortunately, when users upload these videos directly to Facebook, these producers receive no pay at all. Here's why.

employee is not working out

What Should You Do When an Employee Isn’t Working Out?

Dealing with an employee who just isn't working out can be stressful for any business manager. But for small business owners, the situation can be critical. With a small team, it can be extremely detrimental to have anyone functioning below par. So how do you go about handling an under performing employee?

potato parcel

This Entrepreneur will Send Your Message — Via Potato?

When it comes to crazy ideas they don't come much crazier than this. A Texas entrepreneur will send your message by perhaps one of the most unconventional means imaginable. But, believe it or not, this crazy business is already a success.