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android stagefright

Fix for Android Stagefright Bug Causes Phones to Crash

Android users who use their devices to send a lot of multimedia messages should be at least a little concerned over the Stagefright bug in the operating system. Here's how a Stagefright infection could harm your business and what to do to counter its potential impact.

great influencer

Want To Be A Great Influencer? Make Others Feel Important!

Think being an influencer or leader in your business is about you? It's so not. Look at the other people on your team. Without these folks, your company will never be a success. Treat them well or you will live to regret it.

Sales Value of Sales Presentations

Don’t Forget About the Value of Sales Presentations

A small business's sales presentations are still critical to the goal of moving products and generating revenue. And with more lines of communication open to consumers than ever before, small business must ensure their sales presentations are working across all platforms.

usability testing services

Spotlight: Testbirds Harnesses the Power of the Crowd

When launching a new product, it's helpful to have some inkling of how your potential customers will respond. But how do you find this out before your new software, wearable or other tech is put on the shelf. Testbirds just might have the answer.


Yahoo! Small Business is Becoming Luminate

Yahoo Small Business emailed users recently alerting them to a change in company structure. This arm of Yahoo will now be run by Aabaco Holdings -- with its Aabaco Small Business product -- and be re-branded together as Luminate.

how important is local SEO

How Important is Local SEO to Your Business?

There's a sharp rise in the number of local online searches being conducted daily. That number increases alongside the use of mobile devices. Here are ways that a local SEO strategy will benefit your enterprise company and how to implement one.

Biz2Credit Lending Index May 2015

Biz2Credit Lending Index Says Institutional Lenders On Top

Small businesses seeking capital to expand their operations are finding better results asking institutional lenders than any other type of bank. According to the Biz2Credit Small Business Lending Index, small business loan approval rates at institutional lenders hit a new high last month.

Sales commandments of business networking

The 59 Commandments of Business Networking

As a small business owner, you're bound to meet lots of people. And if you're not, you should. So, in your travels and during networking sessions, you'll be wise to follow these commandments.