Craft a Perfect Logo with Tips from the Most Recognized Brands

perfect logo

A company’s logo is not just a pretty image — it’s the face of the brand. Your logo represents your company and influences how customers feel about it. That’s why it’s so important for a brand to have a great logo. But what makes for a great logo?

Folder printing business Company Folders gives us some insight into this with its infographic “The Recipe for the Perfect Logo.” This helpful infographic explains — in easy to digest terms — the different ingredients you need to cook up a great logo for your company.

First, a logo must appeal to your target audience. It should be unique, relevant and memorable, which means avoiding obvious design choices, trendy fonts, and cliches. Instead, keep it new and bold, and even look to create a new trend.

In addition, simple is better when it comes to logo design, while busyness is worse. Stick with one message. Your logo should be consistent in design, with the correct balance of white space, proper fonts to convey the right emotions, and good use of negative space and shape psychology. Lastly, a company’s logo should be adaptable, aesthetically pleasing whether it’s big or small, colorful or black-and-white.

Check out the complete infographic for more logo wisdom!

perfect logo

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  1. I must admit. Desigining a good, easy-to-remember logo that really represents your brand can take a while to brainstorm. But once you came up with the perfect one, it is worth all the time. Some companies even go to the extent of holding a contest so that they can get more ideas.