9 Sales Apps to Help Small Businesses Sell Better

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Nothing describes selling today better than that old standby phrase, “Knowledge is power.”

That’s because the best way for small businesses to sell better is to get to know their prospects and customers better.

It’s almost like you need to know what those prospects and customers want and when they want it before they do. You don’t need to be psychic to do this, however. All you have to do is mine your customer and prospect data, both historical and real-time.

Unfortunately, thanks to the sheer number of data points including emails, social media updates, transactions and hundreds of other behavioral touch points, just managing your customer data — let alone leveraging it — can quickly become an overwhelming task.

Luckily, there are many fine solutions available to help you navigate and leverage this deluge of customer data successfully. We’ve gathered a list of some of the best sales apps below so get your sales hat on and take a look.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

Since we’re talking about customer and prospect data here, it’s no surprise that we’re focusing on CRM solutions first because, well, that’s where most of the data you’ve collected on your customers and prospects lives.

This is a huge category so we’ve narrowed our list down to the two types of CRM solutions that help small businesses sell better: Sales-Focused CRMs and Social CRMs.

Sales-Focused Customer Relationship Management Systems

These CRM solutions were designed around the sales process. Combining basic CRM features with selling know-how, they’ll help you streamline your sales pipeline by enabling you to focus on the customers and prospects that are most likely to buy right now.

Note: all of the solutions in this section offer integration with many of the popular tools and solutions in use today. So even if you don’t need a new CRM, you can take advantage of the sales process features and functionality found within these solutions.

In addition, each solution offers mobile sales apps so you can use them on the go.


Pipedrive is a CRM with a laser focus on sales.

Every feature aims to help you stay on top of your sales process — from the sales pipeline view shown below, to sales timelines that tell you which deals to focus on that month. It includes robust sales reporting and easy integration with your email system via a blind BCC.

sales apps for business sell better


PipelineDeals is a robust CRM that offers a lot under the hood including sales automation, team collaboration and lots of reporting. One of their handier features is an API that enables you to collect leads from your website in real-time.


Pipeliner focuses on the sales process end-to-end from high-level sales stages to the low-level sales activities required to advance to the next stage.

Pipeliner differs from the other two solutions in this section because it offers you the ability to work offline on both your desktop/laptop computer as well as your mobile devices. Once you reconnect, your data is synched up to the cloud.

sales apps for business sell better

Social Customer Relationship Management Systems

While the two solutions listed below do offer tools to help small businesses sell better, their strong, often automatic (goodbye data entry!), customer data gathering capabilities are what earned them a spot on our list.

The area where both tools shine most is in the way they consolidate customer information from many sources into one spot. We’re talking email and social media as well as the more traditional CRM capability to capture your notes and reminders for each contact.

After all, how can you leverage data from your prospects and customers if you can’t collect it?

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Nimble automatically collects every one of your prospect’s emails and social media updates (from many, many platforms) in one spot and then, using its own rules engine, it learns what’s important to you so you can cut through the noise and get right to the heart of what your prospects and customers are looking for.

Once you discover an opportunity it can be managed using the deals dashboard:

sales apps for business sell better


Batchbook collects both email and tweets from your prospects to give you a big picture view of what’s on their mind. When it comes to selling, they offer a sales pipeline view that helps you manage potential deals:

sales apps for business sell better

Sales and Marketing Automation Solutions

Once you’ve collected and mined the data from your customers, the next logical step is to act on what you’ve discovered.

Like data collection, this can become a very time-consuming task that quickly eats away at your schedule. However, taking action is required to close sales so how can you act while also protecting your precious time?

You guessed it — automation. The apps listed below will help you automate many parts of your sales process based on triggers that are driven by the data mined from your customer relationship management system. In fact, they can even serve as a CRM, too.

The only downside to these solutions is their price — they’ll cost you more than the solutions we’ve covered so far.  However, when it comes to automating your sales process, paying a bit more is often worth the expense.


Infusionsoft is an all-in-one sales and marketing solution. From prospect management to in-depth automation and ecommerce capabilities, this is a very robust offering.

Standout features include the intuitive drag-and-drop campaign system for automating tasks based on many types of triggers, both on site and off. Also, there’s the ability to score your leads based on their behavior — the higher the score, the stronger the lead.

sales apps for business sell better


Another all-in-one sales and marketing solution, HubSpot‘s strength is inbound marketing using content. Like Infusionsoft, it offers robust automation and with its free HubSpot CRM, it offers leads management as well.

HubSpot differs from Infusionsoft in that it can host many of your website’s pages. This leads to some super useful features such as alerts that trigger based on a lead’s action on your site:

sales apps for business sell better


Contactually focuses on keeping the relationships with your contacts alive. Offering automation, sales process management and the usual bevy of reports, the solution is smaller in scale than the previous two yet more focused for that.

Connecting It All


Sometimes you can’t find everything you need in one app or solution. That’s where Zapier comes in. Using “Zaps” you can automate the connections between solutions. For example, the Zap below will add a new Twitter follower to Pipedrive’s “New Activity” stream:

sales apps for business sell better


While the sales apps above may not show you the future, they will help you discover which prospects and customers you should focus your sales efforts on first, and when.

That knowledge is truly the key to helping your small business sell better.

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Matt Mansfield Matt Mansfield is the Tech Editor and SEO Manager at Small Business Trends where he is responsible for directing and writing many of the site’s product reviews, technology how-to’s, and lists of small business resources as well as increasing the reach of our content.

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  1. A lot of great information here. I recently set up Zapier to add new Twitter Followers from Colorado as a contact to Insightly. I also used Zapier to add new Insightly contacts to a Mailchimp subscriber list. A recent study called “2015 SMB Cloud Insights”, by Odin, reports that only 6% of SMBs are using CRM software. It is through articles like this that we can educate small business owners about the different ways they can use these tools to improve their businesses.

    • Lidiane,

      So glad you found the article useful!

      That 6% figure is mind-boggling considering the advantages gained by using a CRM solution. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi Matt,

    I have been looking for something like this, so your list will really help. Pipeline and Batchbook sounds great. But there are a lot of options. I think it would have been great if you maybe gave each suggestion a score out of 10.

    By the way I was just checking out your website. I just completed the content personality test! I love it, it’s a great idea and test…. I’m a Social Personality Type.

    Great post



    • Naomi,

      Glad you found the list useful! While I like your suggestion re:ratings, I find it hard to rate software solutions in a list that will be consumed by more than one business. Every business has their own needs, goals and processes and they’re best served by selecting the one that fits those needs, goals and processes best.

      The closest I can get to rating software for multiple companies is to identify the top choices and then include them in an article such as this one. 🙂


      p.s. Thanks for checking out the content personality type quiz! Happy you liked it and now that you know your type, along with its inherent strengths and challenges, you’ll find that your online marketing efforts will be more tightly focused and more effective. Good-luck!

  3. Excellent article, Matt. Embracing such technologies will surely enable sales teams to reach out more effectively, sell smarter and close deals faster. Thanks, Niraj (Founder at grexit.com)

  4. Martin Lindeskog

    I look forward to test out Nimble for a new online venture in the near future. I got very impressed with Mr. Ferrara’s take on social media and CRM.

  5. Great article! But I didn’t see a recommendation on B2B sales intelligence tools. As a former Sales and Marketing VP at SAP I always wanted to have a tool (and also for our sales reps) that would provide deep insights about my prospects and customers in one place so that I wouldn’t have to go researching on the Internet and Social Media.

    I left SAP to found xiQ (www.xiQ.io) and created the tool that I always wanted ?. You can download it https://appsto.re/us/Rf6ZZ.i

    Read a great review by a leading B2B sales thought leader “xiQ Is A Results Multiplier For Sales”. http://www.fillthefunnel.com/xiq-is-a-results-multiplier-for-sales/

    Hope you guys like it. Would love to hear back.

  6. Hi, I just want to chime in here, that while Zapier is great for a one-time data push, if you’re looking for a stable two-way sync between apps that can also sync historical data, PieSync is better. It can also help if you want to change CRMs and need to migrate existing data from the old CRM to the new one, or syncs up CRMs with integrations like MailChimp (including deletions and unsubscribes) so no more importing or exporting data!

    (I work at PieSync, which is why I know so much about it.)

  7. I got to admit. A lot of the names here are quite new to me. And here I thought that I am familiar with most sales processes online. I got to learn the new ones.

  8. Hello, I do in home sales. Exterior Remodeling. More or less same day sales. I dont do call backs.

    I was wondering, I work for a large company. They issue me the leads which is great, however, i have accumulated a lot of homeowners over a period of time and want to stay in touch with them more often after the final process has been installed and completed. On top of that I would like have all of the information documented as well.
    I am wondering what I could use to accomplish these goals below:
    1. Document the customers details of the transaction ( how much, what they bought, names, numbers emails, address all personal information.
    2. Have an built in email – to automatically follow up with the customers on how they are doing, with a call to action for a response

    3. A follow up email to call them to action for getting reviews online such as ( Angie’s list, guild quality, etc. )
    4. Something that will help me gain more leads to create SELF Generated Appointments so i can get my own business to grow without having to only worry about the company issuing me leads.
    5. Maybe something that can hook up to social media etc.
    6. Can also show me if i input that data of when the projects were actually installed.
    7. Again somthing that tracks all of this and well as helping on the automation.
    These are 1 day sales. Not months like most sales processes that ive been reading about.

    Do you have any recommendations for me ? I would greatly appreciate it.. I have really nothing in place at all right now. Other than just calling my clients old school.