4 Coupon and Savings Sites that Will Save Your Small Business Money

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If you’re like 29 percent of your fellow Americans, you don’t have any money set side for an emergency.

Another 21 percent reported to Bankrate’s Financial Security Index that they only had enough savings to cover three months of expenses.

If you’re a small business owner, that’s extremely troubling news. That’s why it’s always in your best interest to save whenever you can. And, one of the best ways to save money is to use coupon and savings sites like this quartet:

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If you spend a lot of time traveling for your business, then you have to give Yapta a try.

Founded in 2007 by technology experts and travel management veterans, Yapta tracks airfare and hotel prices after a flight or room has been booked. This gives travelers the chance to budget their travel plans based on the best deals possible.

For corporate travel, Yapta offers FareIQ and RoomIQ Intelligent Price Tracking services. These services alert you when a better deal is available. The catch is that you don’t have to change dates, carriers, or hotels.

If you’re ready to start saving on your business travel, you can create a Yapta account for free.

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Originally called FatCash, FatWallet is a comparison shopping site that launched in back in 1999.

FatWallet wants to be a one-stop shop where small businesses can find everything that meets their needs right now.

For example, members can receive recent promo codes, coupons, and discounts from sites like Amazon, Staples, Bestbuy, Newegg, Microsoft, and Orbitz.

What makes FatWallet unique is the Cash Bash option where members can receive a commission on purchases from referral links.

FatWallet is also known for its forums where savvy shoppers exchange money-saving tips and the latest deals. You can become a FatWallet member for free by just signing up using you email address or Facebook account.  


Since 1999, ShopLocal has been sharing the latest weekly circulars from stores like Target, Staples, Walgreens, Office Depot, Lowe’s, and HH Gregg.

ShopLocal may not be the most exciting coupon site but it does come in handy when you need an immediate item for your business — like a new printer or cleaning supplies — or if you’re planning the next time you’ll do some errands.

By signing up through your email, you’ll never miss out on the latest deals in your neck of the woods.


TechBargains has been a leading destination for anyone looking to save on the latest gadgets or tech essentials like laptops.

The site also shares coupons from Amazon, Office Depot, Dell, Microsoft, and TigerDirect.

What’s really appealing about TechBargains is that there is a dedicated Small Business section where visitors can find deals on everything from printers to Lenovo Power Stations to office chairs to discounts on memberships for cloud and web hosts.

If you want to receive the hottest tech deals, just submit your email address and you’ll be on your way to saving a ton of money for your business.

Are there any coupon and savings sites that have saved money for you business?
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  1. I only know about FatWallet. The problem with these sites is that I can see a lot of CPA offers. Am I the only one who is seeing these?