Considering a Logo Change? Follow the Lead of 7 Iconic Switches

successful logo changes

Imagine your logo as your brand’s visual stamp. But what happens when it comes time to change it up?

Many factors are involved in rebranding your logo and pulling off successful logo changes. You’ll have to decide how to emphasize the brand’s main feature and create a color palate that most appeals to your target audience. Fortunately, Company Folders, a boutique business devoted to selling folders, has simplified this process by listing the seven biggest factors in successful logo rebranding.

Want to know how companies like Pizza Hut, TGI Fridays, and Marriott stay on top of their game?

successful logo changes

Infographic: Company Folders, Image: Small Business Trends


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  1. In ever case sighted in this article (except for maybe Mail chimp) I thing the original logo is far better then the new one.