Twitter’s Periscope Amasses 10 Million Users in Just Four Months

twitter's periscope

Twitter’s popular live video streaming app hit a major milestone this month when it surpassed 10 million active accounts and 2 million users on Android and iOS.

The live streaming app achieved the feat within just four months of its launch.

Periscope published a post on its official blog to thank its users for making this success possible. The company added that its users are currently watching more than 40 years of videos every day.

The company also said the aggregate amount of time that people spend watching live broadcasts “is the metric we care about most” because it reflects the value the app creates for users and the world.

Success Lies in Simplicity

“Success for broadcasters means more time watched on their broadcasts,” said Periscope, adding that time watched “is also valuable because it can capture the viewership of Periscope broadcasts outside of iOS/Android.”

It is Periscope’s ability to understand what its users want and deliver on those expectations that gives it the edge over others.

Periscope provides an “on the go” broadcasting station, letting you host interactive events in real time and host insider videos, live Q&A sessions and much more.

Unlike other video streaming apps that merely act as broadcast channels, Periscope allows for two-way communication between its user and the audience for better results. These features make Periscope a hot favorite among online entrepreneurs, product designers, and job seekers.

Growth in the Time of Competition

Ever since it was acquired by Twitter in March, Periscope has been in news.

Tech journalists have been closely following the live streaming app’s growth and popularity among users to make waves in digital media.

It has, in fact, faced serious competition from a similar app called Meerkat, which had basked in initial hype and popularity. Over a period of time however, Twitter’s app was able to steal Meerkat’s thunder and emerge as the leading player in the live video streaming domain.

Many tech experts believe in the future, Periscope’s biggest competitor will be Facebook. According to reports, the social networking giant is testing waters before it gets into live streaming.

As part of its plans to venture into this domain, Facebook has recently launched a feature called “Live” to its Facebook Mentions app. The app is used by verified public figures such as athletes, musicians and movie stars and enables them to broadcast their videos live.

With competition heating up and people’s expectations growing, it will be interesting to see how Periscope strives to maintain its growth momentum.

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  1. It deserves the appreciations, Periscope is simpler and even better in performance. Yes Shawn you are right it is simple and easy. Thank you for your article.

    • I agree. I guess it is all about minimalism these days. The easier it is to use a certain service, the easier it is to adopt it.

  2. Good to hear some positive news coming out of Twitter. With the CEO change and the earnings report I was hearing a lot of bad press. I like using Twitter and think it’s a great company. Best of luck to them.

    • I strongly believe the thunder of Periscope can be attributed to it being part of the Twitter family. Ironically, Meerkat has a slightly better set of integration features. For example, liking a Meerkat stream puts a gold star on the broadcaster’s tweet automatically. Likewise, hitting ‘restream’ will retweet, all automatically. This makes your Twitter notifications page more valuable because it gives you a record of who engaged. At this time, with Periscope, you need to look at every name on your replays to find out who engaged/said what, and then take manual action. Katch sort of solves this problem, but it’s a third party.

  3. Michelle Sandler

    Each digital or tech company has competition with each other, as to who is ahead of whom? I think this is going to be fierce in coming days. Yet any product or service offered by these companies are welcomed and beneficial for business or person.

  4. Performance meets success once again. Periscope got what they deserved. Thank you for the information.

  5. Periscope is ignoring its users – Several people are complaining online regarding the invisible bug in the program that intermittantly stops others seeing your comments and stops you broadcasting. This is not because one or two people block you but nobody at all can see your comments – Surely no one can be blocked by all 10 million users !!!

    Please fix this !!!