Yahoo Acquires Polyvore, Tool for Fashion Marketers

Yahoo Acquires Polyvore

Yahoo is in the process of acquiring Polyvore, an online fashion community.

The site also holds great potential for fashion businesses and marketers attempting to target this audience.

The deal — reported by Bloomberg to be worth at least $230 million — figures to garner Yahoo more regular users and advertisers.

But the site is also of interest to businesses large and small in the fashion industry. Polyvore lets fashion brands sign up for accounts. It then promotes user generated content by allowing visitors to create collections of their favorite items by mixing and matching.

The site also lets brands sign up to promote their products via Polyvore’s curated shop.

Polyvore also offers opportunities to advertise directly to its audience of fashion-minded users in a variety of categories.

With the launch of its Style and Yahoo Beauty in 2014, Yahoo is looking to integrate fashion related platforms that keep users engaged.

Polyvore was established by three ex-Yahoo engineers Jianing Hu, Guangwei Yuan and Pasha Sadri in 2007. And the current CEO, Jess Lee, worked at Google as an associate product manager while Marissa Mayer was Google VP.

The reason this could be a great buy for Yahoo, is that the site has a decent user base, which according to comScore was at 9 million visitors for its websites and apps in June. As far as visual search sites, it doesn’t have the 76 million visitors Pinterest gets, but it is bigger than other clothing-discovery sites such as Wanelo and Fancy.

This means users will be visiting a lot of brands online, presenting a lot of opportunities for advertisers to engage with them.

While Yahoo’s focus is clearly on overall users here, this is also the latest move the company has made toward attracting more business users. Recently, the company introduced a new Gemini Ads app and a Google Trusted Stores program for Yahoo Merchant Solutions retailers, for example.

According to Yahoo, Polyvore will bring its native ad model, format and advertising relationship with more than 350 retailers to the Yahoo Gemini advertising platform. Gemini is a native app that connects to the catalog of your business and lets you create and manage ads that appear automatically on Yahoo Search, sites, and apps.

Lee says in the announcement:

“I’m delighted to join Yahoo. Our core mission of empowering people to feel good about their style will remain the same, but with Yahoo’s help we’ll be able to make Polyvore even bigger and better for our user community. I’m also excited that we’ll be able to deliver more scale to our advertisers by integrating our ad offerings into Yahoo Gemini.”


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  1. With this, I have a question. Does this mean that Yahoo is now prioritizing e-commerce than search? Did it finally give up on the search engine wars and is now focusing on other products instead?