Monthly Archives: September 2015

Rural Farmers

Startup Connects Rural Farmers with Urban Customers

Farmers to You is solving a problem facing a lot of consumers in big cities -- no access to local, farm-grown produce. This startup is taking the transportation onus off the farmers and getting fresh, healthy food to consumers who often don't have access to it.

cortana commands

Onboarding Microsoft’s Cortana to Your Small Business Team

Windows 10 comes pre-loaded with the virtual assistant Cortana all ready to work for you. Tools like Cortana can really boost your productivity and give you quick answers when you need them. Here's a guide to getting started with Cortana.

Build a Website for Free

Build a Website for Free: How to Get Started

Many considerations go into creating your business's first website. Cost need not be one of them. Many free services exist that let you scale your business as you grow. Choose the one that works best for you. Here's how to get started.

bug tracking tool

Spotlight: Usersnap Creates Business Out of Online Bugs

Usersnap has created a tool that makes it easy for small businesses to receive bug reports on their websites. Read how the company does it and how the idea started in this week's Small Biz Spotlight.

sitting long hours

Can Fidgeting Help When Sitting Long Hours at Your Desk?

Feeling chained to your desk? That feeling got you feeling bad about yourself? New research shows that the little motions you make while sitting at your desk, like kicking your feet, can actually improve your health.

Nexus 5x

Nexus 5x and 6P Unveiled

Google today introduced the latest smartphones in its Nexus line. The Nexus 5X and 6P each contain a fingerprint scanner, among their top new features. Each is available for pre-order starting today.