What Can You Learn from BlackBerry’s Persistence?

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BlackBerry should be long gone, dead and buried. Apple, Samsung and Google should have, by now, made it a footnote in the history of technology. However, it’s still fighting and going on.

There are two reasons.

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It’s technology is still very much integrated into the communication foundation of its clients.

While some of its clients could ditch BlackBerry in favor of iPhones or Google-powered phones, other companies could not or would not do that. They value the high security of BlackBerry phones.

Second, BlackBerry has continued to invest in other platforms and services (such as Good Technology). See the Wall Street Journal story continuing to make it valuable to its existing customers and maybe new ones.

What does this mean for your business?

Ensure your products are “must-haves” for your customers. Of course, every business can’t do this — but some can. Ensure that you can meet as many of these needs of your customers as possible — within your wheel house.

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  1. The lesson of persistence is a valuable one indeed.

    But it’s not just blind stubborness that kept them in the market, they have something to offer, security as mentioned up above is a valuable component in business, in a world of uncertainty.

    They seem to be targeting niche markets now as opposed to the mass consumer. I would be curious to see what happens to them in the following years.


  2. Michael Danny Ross

    The technology isn’t everything behind the BlackBerry, as there are lots of other factors too. You also need to share the fact that they are still way better in offering mobile security than any other provider. Apple is the second best, but BB is still number one.

  3. Just shows that having only a single desirable feature (in this case, security) can keep you in the game. Reminds me of Apple’s lean years where the design industry kept them afloat.

    • When comparing the functionality of iOS, Windows Mobile, Android and BB10, then BB10 has way more to offer as well as being the most productive mobile OS, security is the only undeniable and unmatchable feature of BlackBerry smartphones, but it also has the Hub, BlackBerry Blend, cross platform app support and then some which isnt really marketed, only those who dont go by hearsay will know the awesomeness…

  4. After using the BlackBerry Passport for months, thank God their still in the game. I’ve used them all and nothing comes close to it. Keep striving BlackBerry.

  5. I have been using the new Blackberry Passport Silver Edition for over a month now, and it’s by far the greatest device I’ve ever used. I’ve used iPhones and Samsung devices, and they can’t compare to the Passport.
    Security, quality, BB10, and Blackberry Blend makes for a device made for productivity.

  6. I’ve had the privilege of seeing BlackBerry ride it’s public perception waves over the years and they have weathered it all. And here they are now, poised to take a huge steps into new markets like iot, automotive, healthcare and EMM as a leader. It’s a fun and exciting times for the company and I look forward to their successful future.

    – typed on my BlackBerry Passport

  7. I don’t know about this kind of stuff! it’s really an impressive and informative information. Thanks for shared tips about BlackBerry, that how to helpful us or excellent worked. Thumb’s up.. 🙂

  8. While some of its customers could jettison BlackBerry for iPhones or Google-fueled telephones, different organizations couldn’t or would not do that. They esteem the high security of BlackBerry telephones.

  9. Given all kind of information is more reliable, at present Blackberry one of the best secure smartphones its features and specification is quite good to compare of other smartphones. Thanks for sharing all kind of information, enjoyed to reading this post.

  10. Nowadays Security is main in any Smartphones which kind of features and specification on Smartphones, they all are in Blackberry which are more effectively worked and its quite expensive but getting good results to compare of other smartphones.

  11. My first smartphone was a BlackBerry Pearl 8100. This was long time ago still at the crack of dawn of so called “phones of the future”. I try to stay tuned about the new products at the market. Well it happened – now we are surrounded by smart devices and they help us a lot, but as most of the rest of the comments I can proudly say that BB is still at the top of the table when we talk about Security. And if you can’t trust your phone to keep all your stuff private I really don’t see any other good reasons to consider buying it!

  12. Hi to all,

    BlackBerry should be long gone, dead and buried. Apple, Samsung and Google should have, by now, made it a footnote in the history of technology.