10 Drop Shipping Partners for Your eCommerce Business

Drop Shipping Partners

When launching or expanding your eCommerce business, consider drop shipping. It can provide an approach without the need for heavy upfront investment. In fact, even management of inventory is generally unnecessarily.

To get started, simply partner with a drop shipping wholesaler and begin marketing their products from your site. They handle all shipping and other logistics involved in getting the product to your customer.

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Below is a list of drop shipping partners to consider for your business. But remember to do your research on drop shipping companies so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale has partnered with an import company, which has given it access to a 600,000-square foot warehouse and distribution center.

It is known for quick and accurate order processing and the service it provides has been recognized with an A+ award by the Better Business Bureau.

Membership is available for $29.95 per month or $99 annually, a saving of more than $250.

Vista Wholesale

Vista Wholesale started with eBay in 1996 and to this day it provides drop shipping for customer selling on eBay, as well as Amazon.

Although the company is a small family owned business, its program is completely free. That means no fees of any kind from signing up to viewing the company catalog.

Dropship Direct

Dropship Direct offers its customers in excess of 100,000 products from more than 900 brands. The membership is free, however access to its PushList data feed technology is $9.97 per month, which can be waived with a monthly order of $500.

The PushList technology provides a 100 percent fully customizable data feed so you can place your items on different sites with relative ease.

Inventory Source

Inventory Source prides itself on providing very accurate product information and giving its customers tools for finding the right supplier.

The membership has four tiers, starting with a free option. The Download File Package is $25 per month, Full Automation Package is $50 per month, and Hosted Website Bundle is $49.95 per month.


The Salehoo model is different than other drop shipping companies in that it doesn’t offer products directly to its customers. Instead, it gives members access to a directory of more than 8,000 verified suppliers and drop shippers from more than 100 countries around the world.

It has a basic membership of $27 per month, $47 a month for the standard package and a premium package for $97.

The premium package offers an unlimited number of products, image storage and bandwidth as well as 20 email accounts and bonuses.


Doba is a directory for finding drop shipping suppliers. This type of service is a great way to get into the business until you gain some experience.

Doba offers a Starter Package for $19.99 per month and you pay $59.95 per month for the Advanced Package.

Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands helps online sellers find wholesale suppliers. Their wholesale directory includes more than 9,000 suppliers and millions of wholesale products, and they also certify suppliers.

According to the company, each supplier is put through a verification process to ensure its legitimacy. Worldwide Brands has a lifetime membership fee of $299 without any monthly or annual dues.


Megagoods is a direct supplier that has simplified the drop shipping model. The company specializes in consumer electronics with more than 45 categories. It has a large selection of brand names along with fast processing and private label shipping.

The company offers a 30-day trial and membership is $14.99 per month.

Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central has more than 1,971,918 products from 381 suppliers, with major brand names making up a large portion of the items.

Membership starts at $49.95 per month for basic. Each additional tier adds more services, including website integration, cart support, custom file formats and more.

Dropship Design

With more than 20 years in business, Dropship Design provides more than one million items along with memberships designed for beginners and seasoned pros.

The memberships start with the Basic Dropship Plan with a one-time fee of $49.99 and goes all the way to $199.99 for all its features. Those features include, access to CSV files, download of Dropship Design’s product descriptions and images of those products to import to your website or marketplace.

Success in drop shipping depends on a firm understanding of the business model and also a knowledge of the drop shippers with whom you are partnering. Take time to research drop shipping companies so that you can find the partnerships that make the most sense for your company.

Image: Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise

Editor’s Note: Thus post has been edited to clarify that Worldwide Brands is not a drop shipper but a membership organization giving merchants access to drop shippers and wholesalers for their businesses. 38 Comments ▼

Michael Guta Michael Guta is the Assistant Editor at Small Business Trends and currently manages its East African editorial team. Michael brings with him many years of content experience in the digital ecosystem covering a wide range of industries. He holds a B.S. in Information Communication Technology, with an emphasis in Technology Management.

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  1. Thanks for the list. I am now considering about learning a bit more about dropshipping. I think that it is a good business to implement in certain types of goods. But as with all businesses, I need to learn a bit more about it before I take the plunge.

  2. Hi Aira,
    The best advice for anyone going into business is a portion of your last sentence, ” I need to learn a bit more about it before I take the plunge.”

    • Hi
      Is possible sell Disney products, Mattel toys to Brazil?
      Please, I have lot of people there teying to but from me as I live in Orlando and I m brazilian.
      Also, hpw about shipping to Brazil?
      And also, I have a smal company as I was catering can I use it or I can do dropshup as personally not a company?
      Thank you

  3. Your information is incorrect. Worldwide Brands is not a drop shipping company at all. They sell you a membership which gives you access to contacts of wholesalers and drop shippers. They do not have warehouses or any products besides informational products. Where do you get your info?

    • Hi Ted,
      This is the write up on World Wide Brands –
      Worldwide Brands helps online sellers find wholesale suppliers. Their wholesale directory includes more than 9,000 suppliers and millions of wholesale products, and they also certify suppliers.
      According to the company, each supplier is put through a verification process to ensure its legitimacy. Worldwide Brands has a lifetime membership fee of $299 without any monthly or annual dues.

      Thank you.

  4. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the clarification. The article has now been edited accordingly. Ted, I think the wording is what made things a bit confusing. Thanks for the feedback.

  5. Such a great resource for someone planning to start a business through Dropship.

    Sharing this.

    Thank you.

  6. Hi Azizul,
    Thank you very much.

  7. What do you recommend selling through: ebay, amazon, and/or strictly on business owned websites?

  8. Can you please recommend a site that keeps track of the items you are drop shipping and will alert you when an item (that you’re selling) is out of stock?

    Thank you.

  9. Hi Rosa,
    You can try Shopify, the company has many feature for great shipping and managing your inventory.

  10. Great article. Maybe a part 2, for this article, should be about LEARNING MORE ABOUT DROPSHIP COMPANIES.

    What are some requirements we would want to see a company meet for us?

    What about API’s that allow for better automation?

    What makes any one of the companies listed above better than the others?

    • Hi Michael,
      Thank you for your suggestion. I will make sure to pass it on to my editor.

  11. Aguboro kelechi

    Greetings sir,

    I really have interest in starting an online business probably in drop shipping, please do you have an article that can assist someone in this area. basically just starting. thanks

  12. Hi Aguboro,
    You can go to this link https://www.shopify.com/guides/dropshipping, and get a better understanding before you get started. Good luck.

  13. Hi Michael, I think ChannelApe can also be a great addition to this list.

    Note: I am a co-founder but I believe that it could help your readers!

    • Hi Mike,
      I just took a look at your company, great features. It can definitely be a great addition to the list.

  14. hello sir,
    any idea on dropshiping company from india to USA FOR INDIAN SUITS

  15. Hi Gurpreet,
    You can check these sites out.
    FlipKart.com, SnapDeal.com, Jabong.com, Myntra.com, FashionandYou.com, Zivame.com, Shopo.in

    These are also a source: indiadropshipping.com & indiamart.com

    I hope it helps.

  16. Hi Michael,
    Great article! I was wondering if you happen to know some dropshipping companies from europe? I’m thinking to bakery/cake products.
    Thanks a lot!

  17. Hi Madalina,
    There are not that many dropshippers in Europe, but try this one: http://www.ecopresto.com
    Yakit also provides the service, so you can see if they serve Europe: https://www.yakit.com/

    Good luck with your business.

  18. Hello Mike,

    Any idea on top dropshiping companies from US to Africa for electronics,techs, computers and allied products?

  19. Hi Mike,

    Awesome article. Any good furniture drop shipping companies you are familiar with in USA?

  20. Hi Chloe,
    Here are some companies I found, but don’t limit yourself to US companies. You might find some unique furniture from outside the country.






    Take your time and find the right one for you, because you a lot of options out there. Good luck Chloe.

  21. Hi Michael,

    I’ve heard a lot about BellaVI(CollectiveFab), they offer drop shipping services also a fully setup loaded with their products. But I actually talked to them, they seem like some bunch of careless people out there as they never responded me after their first email also, i read comments they are scam.

    Can you please suggest any other site which offers a fully loaded website as well with the wholesale program?

  22. I meant a a fully setup website loaded with their products.

  23. Hi Michael

    Really good post. I have read the full article. Dropship services are one-stop-shops that offer products from multiple suppliers and include options that make it easier to add products to the website or marketplace you plan to sell them on.

    I am recommending one growing up company who offers free membership. I think you should include it on your list. Its potail.com
    I am using their services that’s why I recommended, nothing else.


  24. Hi Michael,

    I am planning to make my own ecommerce portal to sell gift carts. I want to get detail about all products from different dropshipper website. Mostly I am planning to use magento or opencart for development.

    I need to set 2500 around different products in 20 to 25 catgories.

    can you guide me which will be best website to get all dropshipper product data?


  25. Hi Dham,
    I haven’t seen a site that provides that information, but you can take a look at these two links for the best dropshippers and go on from there to see what they offer. Good luck and much success with your venture.


  26. Are there any other companies like Sunrise Wholesale? I am currently using them and have had success. I want to add more products.

  27. I start my free trial Shopify and then realize that I have to own money for drop shipping as i thought in the egging its like the affiliate program

    then I search for solving the issue for dropshipping loan or any other options but get upset

    any idea about how to start the business with no buying the item with my money as I consider the buyer’s money to the supplier or any options for loans

    Note: i am located and live in Egypt

  28. Hi, Mahmoud,

    With dropshipping you do not need the money up front to purchase the item. You list products on your site, market your site and when an item sells and is paid for, you use that money to purchase and ship the item to your customer. Some dropship companies may require a small membership fee, which is paid in advance. Shopify offers a free 14 day trail to set-up and sample there cloud based hosted store fronts. Hope this helps.

  29. I will be drop shipping around the world a new appliance line from China and would like to team up with one or more how can you determine which is best for my company.

  30. One can be successful in the drop shipping business with the right management tools. I use DSMtool.com in managing and monitoring my listings and it has been very helpful. It is also wise to do a lot of research regarding drop shipping techniques to be successful.

  31. Since the dropshipping business has increased in popularity, wholesalers or suppliers where you source your products have also increased. Although the article provided suppliers/wholesalers that you can partner with, you still have to do your own research to check which provides the best quality products, packaging, and shipping services. I use dmstool.com for my eBay store to find products to sell and where to source it.

  32. I want to start a dropshipping business specifically on interior products and linen
    I’m from South Africa

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