Make Football Season a Touchdown for Your Small Business

football season marketing

So you’re not a finalist for Intuit’s Super Bowl commercial spot contest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a memorable football season marketing campaign this year.

Your customers are more likely to be tuned into the Web and their televisions. So it’s the best time of year to keep your company front-of-mind.

Below are ways you can take advantage of the fever this fall with a new football season marketing campaign.

Local Commercial Spots

Commercial spots have long been a successful method of reaching your target audiences, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

While you likely won’t find yourself with a Super Bowl slot, you can take advantage of local slots during regular season games. This can be particularly effective if you do business in an area near an NFL team.

Offer football season specials and other incentives, but be sure to keep a local look and feel in your commercials to encourage customer loyalty.

Small Business Deals

Social Media Campaigns

If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, social media is a great way of engaging with your customers directly and getting heard.

You can host giveaways on your social profiles. Give away tickets to local football games or gift cards and discounts for your company’s services or products. To select winners, you can hold trivia or opinion contests, or ask your follower to share or re-tweet a football-themed status to enter.

During this time of year, they’re more likely to be discussing football on their own profiles, so they’ll be more willing to share these posts on their walls or Twitter feeds.

In addition to these contests, you can also provide tasteful or humorous commentary during or after games to increase your customers’ ability to relate to you as an organization. In the heat of the moment, you may let something fly on social media without thinking. Just be mindful of some common mistakes made by small businesses on their social media profiles.

Direct Mail

This Fall is a good time to start your next direct mail campaign.

Design a postcard specific to your local football team, offering discounts or advertising new services. This eye-catching piece of mail will appeal to sports fans while providing detailed information on the products and services you provide.

You can also create flyers and business cards for local sports bars or bulletins.

No matter which industry in which you work, you can tap into your customers’ love of sports with football themed advertisements this Fall. Your target audience is tuned into media at very high rates this time of year, so now is the best time to take advantage of their attention.

With local commercials and direct mailings, as well as social media campaigns and giveaways, you can raise awareness for your brand and draw new customers to your business.

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