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  1. It’s nice to see that there are now some services you can use to hire and pay employees. It skips the traditional way of looking for people and hiring them and registering them and giving them a payroll account so that you can pay them.

  2. You are spot on. With the rise of pay-per-use economy it has become easy to outsource your non-strategic tasks. This in turn helps with reducing the employee hires, provides flexibility and reduce overall expense.

  3. Great article. There are more opportunities for small businesses to successfully outsource services. It is too costly to employ even part time staff to perform these functions. Small businesses need flexibility as they grow. Owners want to concentrate on their business and don’t want to deal with the back office noise. Developing, keeping and growing clients is a full time job. Outsourcing allows entrepreneurs to work smarter not harder.

  4. Good list of outsourcing choices, Ed. And I’m so glad your encouragement was not only to be wise about which work or project to outsource, but also to make sure you choose the best platform for each of them – such great advice. – A