A Visit to IKEA Inspired These Lessons for Home Remodeling Websites

Home Remodeling Websites

For each business category, websites may have to serve a different content purpose, but have the same business purpose, to educate visitors and make them customers.

A remodeler’s website should inspire than inform, show a visitor the possibilities that they can never imagine they could do with their home. If you need a new deck or are searching for someone to build it, you should go to a remodeling website that shows different possibilities that you never knew existed.

Lessons for Home Remodeling Websites

Below are some lessons inspired by this visit to IKEA that can be applied to home remodeling websites.

Create Inspiring Content

IKEA does a great job with providing content for the people. The stores visualize what can fit into a 595 sq. ft. home.  With furniture staged down to the smallest detail — bamboo baskets  and decorative lights, computer tables, bedside book shelves, etc. Your imagination goes to the possibilities for your own apartment or home.

Lesson: Have quality photos of finished projects on your website. Spur the customer’s vision of their project by using  your website as your showcase.

Easy to Use Navigation

From the moment you enter the store, IKEA has prominent signs that entice you to follow a path with clearly marked arrows and overhead signs. Don’t make people think about where to go next. Make it easy.

Lesson: The design of your website and the pages should be simple to navigate and make visitors stay engaged with your website. Today, using Google Analytics, you can see a visitor’s behavior through your website and see how your visitors navigate your website.

Lessons for Home Remodeling Websites

Understandable Calls to Action

Ikea’s carts, bags and instructional signs help you find the item you want to purchase. Complementary items are placed alongside even if they belong to different sections with clear signs showing where you can find them.

Lesson: On your website, place Calls to Action like phone numbers and contact forms to answer questions and sign up for your blog or newsletter.

Help — Never Too Far Away

If you ever wonder how you are going to assemble the heavy king bed or the big book shelf, IKEA assures you that help is available. From delivery to assembly, they’ve got you covered. And helpful employees stay out of your way — until you want them to help you.

Lesson: Use a chat tool like Olark that can be integrated into your website to get questions even if you are not in front of your computer.

Enticing Visual Displays

Upon entering the store the whole way to the cafeteria, there are poster boards, signs and even furniture and kitchenware hanging from the walls and ceilings.

Lesson: Along with photos, use videos to showcase your work throughout adjacent areas on the site. Visitors to one section of the website get a chance to easily look at similar sections.

Easy to Fill Shopping Carts

On the way to the checkout counter there are large boxes of small goods and essentials.

Lesson: Follow up with customers when they send an inquiry and give them thoughts and tips on other smaller projects that can be accomplished along with the big project. This is a strategy to make your customer a lifetime customer instead of a one time customer.

Like IKEA, make your customers and prospects visit your website regularly for ideas. Does your website do this already?

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Shashi Bellamkonda Shashi Bellamkonda is CMO of Surefire Social, AKA "Social Media Swami" at SurefireSocial. Visit Shashi Bellamkonda's blog. He is also an adjunct faculty at Georgetown University. Shashi is a regular contributor to the Washington Business Journal, DC Examiner and other tech blogs like Smallbiztechnology and Techcocktail. Shashi has been in the list of Top 100 Small Business Influencer Champions list for 2011 and 2012.

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  1. I agree with this. Ikea is really a leading brand when it comes to this niche. I love their product designs for they are simple and useful but they are classy at the same time.

    • Shashi Bellamkonda

      Thanks Aira. As i look at the work many remodelers have done, some of the creations are so fantastic. A customer who wants to change a kichekn counter could end up with a world class gourmet kitchen with the ideas the customer gets from websites. Very similar to the website.