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forming a corporation

5 Common Objections to Forming a Corporation or an LLC

There comes a time when formalizing a business structure is necessary. And up to that point, some entrepreneurs will fight every inch of the way to avoid doing it. Here are 5 reasons why setting up an LLC or other corporate structure is the last thing anyone wants to do.

How to Hold Meetings

How to Hold Meetings AND Still Keep Production Flowing

Meetings are a necessary evil, it seems. They're great for pushing the company message or getting a team all one page but they can also crimp a person's -- and company's -- daily workflow. Here's how to keep the day moving forward even if you're "stuck" at the conference table.

communicate with your employees

What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

Small businesses need to establish a communications plan, even if most of the team is working remotely from home or on the road. A recent study found that companies keeping in touch with their team members regularly and effectively have happier help.

Reach a New Market

Reach a New Market with a Spinoff Product

Your small business may have one market cornered and it's doing quite well. Don't limit your market, however. Consider creating a spinoff product or service that's related to your business and marshals your expertise.

MyBlogU Contest Invites You To Start a New Site

MyBlogU Contest Invites You To Start a New Site

A new contest from MyBlogU encourages Internet entrepreneurs to create a new blog from scratch and build its traffic with help from MyBlogU. The winner -- based on traffic data -- will get a one-on-one coaching session with MyBlogU experts to double the site's traffic.

craft beer

Craft Beer and Spirits a Hit with Millennials

Marketing beer, wine and spirits has changed majorly in the last few years. Millennial buyers seem more interested in locally sourced products than ever before. And they don't mind paying more for these specialties.

Finish the Year Strong

10 Things to Help You Finish the Year Strong

A business year is just that, a full year. A great start, an improving Spring and a prosperous summertime are only worth that if you don't finish the year with that same vigor. Here are ways to avoid petering out as the daylight hours get shorter and shorter.

equity crowdfunding

Due Diligence for Equity Crowdfunding

Entrepreneurs around the globe are looking for potential investors in their ideas or their companies. If you're looking to invest and have considered backing a young startup, be wise in the projects which you choose.