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There’s Plenty of Company in “The Trough of Sorrow”

There’s Plenty of Company in “The Trough of Sorrow”

If you're a plucky startup company that has lost its pluck lately, no worries. You're not alone. Consider spinning this difficult time positively, even if that's by giving it a really cool, though somewhat negative, name.

new google logo

You’re Not Seeing Things, Google Has a New Logo

The Google search homepage changes almost daily thanks to Google Doodles but one recently was basically a creative announcement. Google has a new logo. Here's the story behind the changes.

campaign furniture

Campaign Furniture Markets Quality on a Budget

Campaign is a startup created from one person's inability to find the just the right product at just the right price. And, indeed with furniture, there's usually either really good or more shabby, less chic. Can this company fill that mid-range, quality furnishings void?

facebook one billion

Milestone for Facebook: One Billion People in a Day

On Aug. 24, a billion people globally logged on to Facebook to get updates on family, friends, their business, or the businesses and brands they like. It's a milestone moment that cements -- at least temporarily -- the company's spot atop the social media mountain.

Video on LinkedIn

Why Isn’t Your Video on LinkedIn?

If you're executing a small business video marketing campaign, the natural inclination is to post to the old standbys: your company website and YouTube. But don't forget about LinkedIn.

grow metal

This Startup Can Grow Metal Like a Tree

Modumetal may be on to the way metals are created for commercial applications. The Seattle startup uses electricity and nanotechnology to create metals.

local google rankings

8 SEO Tools That Track Local Google Rankings

With the amount of local mobile searches on the rise every day, having a wise local marketing strategy is necessary. Here are 8 tools that will help amplify your local search results.

godaddy small business

GoDaddy Expands Small Business eCommerce Options

GoDaddy is following the trend of website companies offering more add-ons to their services available to small businesses. The company has unveiled a trio of services that small businesses can use to boost their Web presence and integrate their sites more into their daily operations.

great customer experience

Use the 5 Senses for a Great Customer Experience

Your neighborhood grocery store has mastered the art of seducing the senses. And there's no reason your retail business shouldn't do the same. Whether you sell yummy produce or the latest fashions, learn to plug into your customers on a whole new level.

Parental Leave for Employees

Tech Companies Setting New Standard in Parental Leave for Employees

Tech companies are trying to raise the bar when it comes to compassion for its workers. A new study found that companies like Microsoft and Netflix, especially, are offering the most paid maternity and paternity leave in the U.S. now. Companies, of course, aren't mandated to give any paid time off for parental responsibility.