Monthly Archives: September 2015

What is Canva

What is Canva and How Do I Use It For My Business?

Canva is one of the leaders in the DIY graphic design segment. It's chock full of features, presets, and stock images -- along with drag-and-drop functionality -- to make almost anyone a graphic design expert. Here's a guide on how to use it your small business's advantage right away.

Pebble Time Round

Pebble’s Latest Smartwatch is — Round!

Pebble's newest smartwatch will be round. The company is hoping the new design -- that looks more like a traditional watch -- will help the public grasp onto the concept of a smartwatch a little more than it has.

Keep Top Talent

4 Ways to Keep Top Talent at Your Small Business

Finding the right people to add to your growing small business team is hard. Keeping them in the mix as you grow is a challenge all on its own. Here are some tips to retaining small business employees.

GoPro Drone

Could a GoPro Drone Be On The Way?

GoPro announced recently that it is close to entering the drone market. The company says the potential drone device might even feature more than one GoPro camera on board.

Instagram is Bigger Than Twitter

Instagram Hits 400 Million — Now Bigger Than Twitter

Instagram's rise in popularity has been hard to ignore. When you see it in numbers, you realize just how many more users are on the site. Five years ago, there were a million users. Now, the company says, it's at 400 million!

hiring done right

Hiring Done Right For Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

If your small business is about to grow and add extra staff, it'll be an uphill climb finding the right person until you have a proper hiring and interview process in place. Here are several means to finding the right person for your company.

What Not To Say at Work

What Not To Say at Work or Around the Office

There are some obvious, sure to get someone fired (or sued) things not to say around the office. Then there are things to say that can really destroy the team culture and don't really promote growth. Here are some of those things you don't want to hear around the office.