Monthly Archives: September 2015

Don’t Discount the Importance of Native Apps

If you think having your business's website be mobile-friendly will cover you now and in the future, you may want to reconsider that stance. Experts agree that having a mobile app is probably the best course of action for your business to keep potential customers as happy browsers.


How to Use Social Media to Find Employees

Everyone seems to be on social media, at least on one platform. Finding someone to fill a job opening at your small business on one or more of these sites seems like a natural thing to do. Here are thing to do and not do when scouring social sites to find the right person for your company.

Deadline Approaching to Enter MyBlogU Contest

The deadline to enter the MyBlogU Start a New Site and Double Your Money Challenge is fast approaching. Details on that and how you can watch keynote presentations from the upcoming Adobe MAX event are included in this week's Small Business Events Calendar.

Boost Your Business with Marketing Tips Old and New

Marketing in today's climate requires a bit of the old and a bit of the new. The small business community, luckily, shared some tips on how to market your company and brand using tested standard techniques as well as mixing in some new methods. They're all included in this week's Small Business Community News and Information Roundup.


What Does “At Will Employment” Really Mean?

At-will employment is one of the most common employer-employee relationships. This scenario gives each side the ability to terminate employment for almost any reason at almost any time. Learn the ins and outs of at-will employment with the help of some legal experts.

Top Stories: Google Plans Glass Revival, Office 2016 Debuts

Could we be seeing a reboot of the Google Glass project? Reports suggest it's in the works. Also, Microsoft released its full version of Office 2016. Those headlines top this week's Small Business News and Information Roundup.

Why You Should Encourage Customers to Complain

No small business owner really wants to hear what they're doing wrong. But the customer is always right, right? So, if they're complaining, you should be listening; and here's why.

7 Effective Ways to Drive Customers Away

You read all day about how to attract new customers to your business but there are some sure-fire ways to drive the ones you have already, away from your small business.

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