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A Nice Little Turn of Phrase

A Nice Little Turn of Phrase

Sometimes inspiration is spelled out before you in black-and-white. And when it does, it's best to just run with it.

facebook tracking likes

Facebook Tracking Likes? Soon They will Help Target Ads

Facebook has announced that it is going to start tracking a user's Web activity based on the Like buttons they hit. The company will use this data to send more target-specific ads to users. For small businesses, it's a better chance at getting your Facebook ads in front of just the right people.

Startup Gives Students a New Way to Seek Scholarships is a startup that's helping high school students and their parents offset the cost of going to college. The site gives students various tasks to complete in order to earn scholarships from a variety of sources.

effective trade show exhibit

7 Easy Steps to an Effective Trade Show Exhibit

Taking your small business to a trade show can be a boon for future business. It can also bleed you dry if the trip is improperly managed from the get-go. Here are 7 simple ways to effectively manage a trade show trip and come home with something beneficial to your small business.

Staffing hiring mistakes

25 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

Hiring may be essential to grow your business. But the process can be a mine field for first-time entrepreneurs and small business owners who can't afford to make hiring mistakes.

New LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Test Drive of the New LinkedIn Campaign Manager

LinkedIn has given a new look and feel to its advertising Campaign Manager. It's a vast improvement over what was in place last year. Here's a quick spin of some of the new features and improvements.