Pinterest Monthly Users Hit 100 Million, Is Your Company One?

Pinterest Monthly Users

Pinterest has crossed a pretty big line – 100 million users.

A blog post by Enid Hwang, Pinterest’s community manager reads:

“Back in 2010 when we first started Pinterest, we were blown away by how many ways people found to use it. What started as a simple visual bookmarking tool quickly became a catalog of ideas that all kinds of interesting people – architects, designers, gardeners, chefs, parents – used to discover creative ideas they wanted to try.

“Over the last 5 years, that small group of people has grown into a creative community of more than 100 million monthly active Pinners and we’re constantly astounded by all the different things Pinterest has inspired them to go do.”

According to the company, 70 percent of Pinterest monthly users are not just on Pinterest for the pins. They are also clicking through to learn more. And they’re saving links, too.

Pinterest has become a place where users rack up ideas on what they want to build or buy. It can also be a source of inspiration for a lot of small businesses. Check out what other companies like yours are doing (like, a retail display or design trend.) You could also share some of your ideas and practices to assist others and expand your brand’s expertise (such as, a restaurant sharing recipes, promotions, or techniques).

Hwang writes:

“Millions of Pinners come to Pinterest every day to plan their vacations, redo their kitchens and find healthy recipes to cook. We’ve also got teachers discovering ways to get creative in their classrooms and survivalists discovering ways to live off the land. Professional chefs are growing their own food and dads are making Ghostbuster-themed lunches for their kid. Motorcyclists, dog enthusiasts, comic book lovers, royal family aficionados … they’ve all found their own place on Pinterest. I especially love seeing ideas from Pinners around the world, from Canadian landscapers to Swiss beekeepers. We’ve even got a community of deaf Pinners who’ve come up with a whole new sign for Pinterest.”

For brands looking to increase their visibility and market their products, Pinterest is a good place to be.

Successful marketing isn’t as simple as you may think. Still, you can learn a lot from brands like Target, Nordstrom, Mashable, and Food Network, among others that are already getting thousands — and even millions of followers — using the site.

Obviously, Pinterest still needs to achieve many more milestones before it can compete with the likes of Twitter and Facebook. But make no mistake. Hitting the 100 million mark is a sure indication that Pinterest is an up-and-coming competitor. That should have you considering the platform as part of your social media marketing strategy for the future.

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  1. This goes to show how images are really taking the Internet by storm. It is like more and more people are drawn to image and image marketing.

  2. Great development of Pinterest! Is it possbile to purchase products directly via Pinterest nowadays