Small Business Community Offers Help Getting More from Your Data, Marketing

Small Business Community Offers Help Getting More from Your Data, Marketing

Communicating with customers is an essential part of running any business. While each business’s customers and communication strategies differ, there are common elements and lessons that you can learn from entrepreneurs in other industries.

Members of the online small business community have plenty of experience building messages and communicating them with customers. They shared some of their tips and expertise in the posts included in this week’s Small Business Trends Community News and Information Roundup.

Avoid Being Creepy When Using Big Data


Big data can provide your business with tons of useful insights about your customers. But there is a point where you can have too much information about them. To avoid seeming creepy and turning away your best customers, take these tips from Rick Delgado into account.

Understand Your LinkedIn Company Page Analytics


Your company’s LinkedIn page can help you appeal and reach out to top talent in your industry. But to make the most of the tool, you need to understand how your page is performing. Derek Overbey includes some tips and tricks for understanding the insights behind your LinkedIn Company Page in this guide.

Choose the Right Email Marketing Platform


Email remains one of the top ways for businesses to stay in touch with their customers. So choosing an email marketing service that works for your business is one of the most important marketing decisions you’re likely to make. Ivan Widjaya compares two of the top email marketing services, MailChimp and GetResponse, so you can decide which one best fits your needs.

Make Your Blog Go Viral

(Blog Brandz)

Business blogs only have value if you can get people to read them. You can’t force a blog into going viral, but there are things you can do to push your blog in the right direction, as this post by Priya Florence Shah outlines. BizSugar members also shared some thoughts about creating viral blogs.

Turn Around a Failing Facebook Ad Campaign

(Neil Patel)

Advertising on Facebook isn’t some magic pill that will automatically bring you thousands of new customers. Some campaigns don’t really get the results that businesses hope for. But even if your campaign isn’t performing like you’d hoped, there are things you can do to turn it around. Neil Patel shares some of those things.

Make Website Conversion a Marketing Priority


Once you get people to visit your website, your goal should be to turn them into paying customers. Some business owners and website designers don’t make that a top priority when putting together business websites. But as Stuart J. Davidson points out, website conversion should be one of your top marketing priorities. You can also see discussion about the post over at BizSugar.

Turn Your Content into Multimedia


Customers don’t always just want to read what you have to say. Sometimes they want to see it or hear it in different ways. Repurposing your content as infographics, videos or other types of media can help get your message across in an interesting way. Megan Totka shares some tips for doing so.

Build Your List Using Facebook

(Small Business Sense)

To effectively communicate with customers and potential customers you first need to be able to find them. Facebook can be a great resource for this since so many different people use it regularly. Kim George shares some tips for list building using Facebook.

Figure Out What Buyers Want


You can’t very well market to customers if you don’t know who they are and what they want. Doing some research on your potential buyers can be critical to the success of your marketing efforts and your business, as Lucinda Watrous discusses here. The BizSugar community also shared thoughts on the post.

Get Your Customers to Do Your Marketing for You

(The Marketing Eggspert Blog)

No matter how you present your message to customers, sometimes they just won’t be interested in what you have to say. In some cases, the best people to get your messages across are your customers themselves. Susan Payton shares four ways you can get your customers to do your marketing for you.

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