Verizon Hum Makes Your Business Vehicle Secure

Verizon Hum

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Verizon Telematics, a division of Verizon, has announced the release of hum, a technology that makes cars smart, regardless of the their wireless service provider.

With Verizon hum, Small businesses can now benefit from services that have been available to fleet managers and insurance companies for more than a decade.

As a subscription service, hum is a combination of TelStar, Triple A, and the vital sign monitors that athletes wear. Among the many features offered by this service are roadside assistance, emergency incident assistance, and stolen vehicle location.

Andrés Irlando, CEO at Verizon Telematics, says in the company’s announcement:

“hum is an important service, one that we feel passionately will help save lives and keep drivers and their loved ones protected whether they are traveling across town or across the country. This service equips drivers on the road today with the same level of information about their vehicles that fitness wearables deliver about our health. Simply put, hum democratizes the safety and convenience of vehicle connectivity.

“By modernizing traditional ‘roadside assistance,’ hum is designed to deliver ultimate peace-of-mind behind the wheel. Now, in addition to being protected with live help and emergency services, drivers will know what their check engine light means and will be empowered with information and knowledge on how to get the problem fixed and what it may cost.”

If you’ve seen the Progressive commercials featuring “Snapshot”, you have an idea of how hum works. A device is plugged into the on-board diagnostic (OBD) port of the car. Place a Bluetooth device on the driver’s side visor and then link it to your smart phone.

Via smartphone, hum can remind the owner about routine things such as oil changes and tire rotations. It will alert the owner to engine problems, too. When the Check Engine light comes on, hum can tell you why.

In the event of an accident, hum will notify emergency and roadside services, if necessary, and pinpoint the location via GPS. This subscription service even includes discounts on hotel, rental vehicles, and other travel expenses.

Two-year subscription plans begin at $14.99 per month plus taxes. There are fees and equipment to pay for upfront. Up to four vehicles can be enrolled in one plan and secondary drivers can have access to the account.

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