Why Isn’t Your Video on LinkedIn?

Video on LinkedIn

As the business owner of a company that creates commercial videos, I often get asked where the best place is to post video content.

The obvious answer is your website and YouTube.

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But there’s another less obvious place I’d like to suggest: LinkedIn.

If you’re in business, you probably know it’s about getting more people to know, like, and trust you and your product or service. You probably also know that great video content is one of the best ways to do that.

So, if you have great video content you’ll want to post it where ever you can. And, that includes posting video on LinkedIn. As we all know, LinkedIn is often the first place people go to check someone out. So why don’t most people post video on LinkedIn?

I have my theories:

  • They don’t realize they can.
  • They assume they can, but don’t think it’s a big deal not to, especially since most don’t.
  • They aren’t technically inclined, assume it’s a pain, and can’t be bothered to learn.
  • They have no video to post.

Regardless of the excuses, as more and more people fully realize the need for video content — which is happening — I predict you’ll be seeing a major shift in video on LinkedIn.

For those that don’t need convincing the only question is: “What kind of video do I need?”

If you have a business, you’ll obviously want to post something that explains your product or service in a way that gets folks interested and, ideally, excited.

Whether you have a business or not, you should post video content that helps people know, like and trust you. How you successfully do that is probably the subject for another article. But, whatever it is, it must be decent quality and a positive reflection on you.

So, are you ready to create and post video content?

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John Follis John Follis heads up Big Idea Video, creator of short format, high concept video that captivates and persuades prospects. According to Forbes, 76% of marketers invest in video and make it their #1 marketing strategy. John Follis honed his talents as Creative Director and Co-founder of Follis/DeVito/Verdi, one of Madison Avenue’s most successful, award winning ad agencies.

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  1. Well, there is really not much of a market for video in LinkedIn. Sure, it is a network of professionals. But people go there to find people and not so much to look at updates.

    • The numbers supporting video’s growing effectiveness as as a marketing communications tool would suggest that there’s a market for video on all platforms, and especially professional ones.

      • John Follis (@JohnFollis)

        And those who realize that, especially regarding IN, will be that much ahead of the game. 🙂

  2. Richard J. Kennedy

    I would suspect that your four theories as to why people don’t put video on Linked In are 100% on target. Great story. Thanks for posting it.

  3. Eye-opening article, John. Very helpful. Thanks for posting.

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