Monthly Archives: October 2015

Adapt to Business Changes with These Community Tips

Change is inevitable and as a small business owner, you know it happens quite a bit. Adapting to it is critical to your success. Here are some tips from the small business community on how best to adapt to the proverbial bumps in the road.

What Target Can Teach You About Interactive Video

Target is using an interactive video marketing series to promote Halloween this year. "The House on Hallowed Hill" should provide some inspiration to small business owners to break away from the traditional marketing video.

28 Ways To Get Your Business Media Attention

Knowing how to get media coverage can have a huge impact on your brand's exposure. There are surefire ways to get your business media attention -- as well as things you definitely should NOT do. Check out these tips.

Instagram, Twitter Make Headlines of Interest to Small Businesses

Advancements in social media -- and the tools that small businesses can use on them -- continue to grab top billing. There were plenty of updates from the social world this week. Instagram and Twitter top our newsmakers in this week's Small Business Trends News and Information Roundup.

Saving One For the Right Occasion

Good business people know having an ace up their sleeve is important. Knowing when to play that card can bring in big rewards.

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