Adapt to Business Changes with These Community Tips

Adapt to Business Changes with These Community Tips

Running a business means you have to constantly adapt. You have to adapt to new technologies, busy seasons, sales slumps, and so much more.

In this week’s Small Business Trends Community News and Information Roundup, members of the small business community shared some tips and thoughts about changes you deal with when running a business and how to adapt to them.

Sell Your Business

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Learn to Analyze Your Website’s Heat Maps


Heat maps can help you gain some valuable insights into how customers are using your website. They can show you where customers focus their attention and where they click most often. To learn more about heat maps and how to use them for your business, check out the advice by Merav Keren.

Create a Winning Holiday Marketing Strategy


The upcoming holiday season means big opportunities for many small businesses. But you need to be ready to capitalize on those opportunities by creating a winning holiday marketing strategy. Emma Koitola shares some tips for doing so.

Keep Up with These Changes to LinkedIn Groups

(Jonny Ross Consultancy)

If you use LinkedIn groups, you may have noticed some changes recently. Jonny Ross explains five of the recent changes to LinkedIn groups and how they could impact your business. BizSugar members also share their input.

Attract the Best Seasonal Retail Employees


If you own a retail store, then you’re likely gearing up for your busiest time of year. That also probably means that you’ll need to hire some seasonal employees to help with the extra customers. To attract the best seasonal retail employees, read these tips from Chad Stewart.

Create Videos to Increase Audience Reach Online

(Zimana Web Analytics Blog)

Video marketing is a relatively new facet of online media. And as such, many brands don’t know where to start with it. But there are plenty of different ways you can use video to increase your reach online, as Pierre DeBois explains. You can also see discussion about the post over on BizSugar.

Get Social With Your Small Biz Marketing


Marketing with social media means more than just posting product links or new blog posts. There are plenty of different ways to use social in your small business marketing, and plenty of benefits that go along with it. Taylor Tomita discusses the subject.

Generate Repeat Business Through Quality and Service


There are so many tips and tricks out there for bringing customers to your business and keeping them. But sometimes the best way to do that is just by offering the best possible products and services to your customers. Dan Byers discusses generating repeat business through quality and service.

Read These Top Entrepreneur Blogs

(Project Be Best)

If you want to be the best entrepreneur you can, you need to learn from the best. Plenty of entrepreneurs share their expertise through blogs. And Roberto Zanon rounded up 59 of the best entrepreneurial blogs. BizSugar members also share their thoughts.

Read the Best of Internet Marketing

(Matthew Woodward)

It’s also important to keep up with news, trends and expert input, like what’s shared by Matthew Woodward. You can learn a lot by seeing what other business owners and professionals have to say about Internet marketing.

Implement a Strategic Marketing Process


Marketing isn’t something you can just leave to chance. Having a strategic marketing process in place can help you stay on top of these activities and achieve better results. Stuart J. Davidson discusses more about marketing processes. And BizSugar members also share their thoughts.

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Annie Pilon Annie Pilon is a Senior Staff Writer for Small Business Trends, covering entrepreneur profiles, interviews, feature stories, community news and in-depth, expert-based guides. When she’s not writing she can be found exploring all that her home state of Michigan has to offer.

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