Amazon Space Needle Will Provide Analytics, Data Transfer

amazon space needle

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Amazon is announcing a service called Space Needle to help clients of its Amazon Web Services leverage the amount of data now available from their customers.

The quantity of data now available to businesses large and small especially gathered from online traffic and customer behavior is vast.

And the availability of this data and the technology to draw helpful insights from users, has created an increased demand for Business Intelligence and analytics.

There was a time when this technology and the insights it uncovered were only available to larger enterprises able to afford the tools necessary to collect and interpret this data.

But lately this has begun to change.

Clearly some of those bigger companies are among Amazon Web Services’ clients .

In fact, the platform counts some of most iconic companies in the world among its customers, including Netflix, Airbnb, Nike and Pfizer.

However, Amazon has also opened its hosting services to smaller companies too.

For example, with the launch of “AWS Activate” in 2013, the company tried to make its services less intimidating to small businesses, including startups.

The service includes a “free tier” providing free introductory services for startups during their first 12 months of using AWS.

As a result there may be reason to assume the analytics being offered with the Amazon Space Needle service will include a budget friendly version.

The new service will also include some data transfer features although the specifics are not yet clear.

More recently, the company also introduced Amazon Snowball, a module capable of transfering 50 terabytes for a total of
one petabyte a week.

There are few specifics yet on exactly what the new services entail or cost.

But experts believe Amazon Web Services’ status as one of the largest Web storage services in the world puts the company in a unique position the leverage huge amounts of data for its new analytics services.

Forrester Research analyst Boris Evelson explains in a report by The Wall Street Journal, “This will be the new 800-pound gorilla in the [business intelligence] market.”

The report said Amazon looks to implement a subscription model with a monthly fee.

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  1. It looks like Amazon is really stepping up its game when it comes to data transfer and other services. I guess it is really planning to become the main brand when it comes to online services. And I am pertaining to more than online selling. It seems like it wants to go into other types of services as well.