Amazon Web Services Hits $7.3 Billion, Aims To Be “Go To” for Cloud

Amazon Web Services growth

With reports of $7.3 billion in revenue, it seems Amazon Web Services is aiming to be the “go to” in cloud services for businesses both large and small.

“Cloud has become the new normal,” said Andy Jassy, Senior Vice President of Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the company’s recently wrapped up re:Invent conference. At the conference, Jassy boasted AWS has become the fastest growing multi-billion dollar enterprise IT company in the world.

When Jassy took the stage he gave some impressive numbers for Amazon Web Services growth. The company has seen around 81 percent in revenue growth this year with 1 million active business users.

Amazon Web Services growth has been steady and fast. It’s jumped from $4 billion in revenue in the second quarter of 2014 to the $7.3 billion reported in the second quarter of 2015.

Amazon Web Services growth doesn’t stop there. Jassy also shared growth percentages in other Amazon services.

Amazon’s compute service EC2 has shown 95 percent growth since 2014. Likewise the company’s storage service S3 has jumped up 120 percent.

But it’s Amazon’s database services that have shown the largest growth, up 127 percent year over year with $1 billion annual revenue.

Amazon offers AWS services aimed at enticing businesses of all sizes to go through them for their Web service needs. AWS Activate is a service the company introduced last year aimed at bringing in startups.

AWS Activate offers free starter packages for small businesses and specifically startups to dip their toes into AWS services. The packages bundle resources like tech training and hands on labs to help get companies familiar with what AWS has to offer. A standard starter package also offers a year of free AWS services so they can try is out without making a financial commitment.

There are two other packages startups can chose from in addition to the standard startup package. Portfolio and Portfolio Plus are aimed at startups in select accelerators, incubators, seed V/C funds and the like. Each package offers a variety of different features like up to $15,000 in AWS Promotional Credit for up to two years.

This year Amazon has also taken its WorkSpaces service a step further by adding a new desktop app category. Called Amazon Web Services Marketplace for Desktop Apps, the service boasts it’s an easy way to search and buy desktop apps for WorkSpaces.

The service puts WorkSpace apps on the cloud and let’s you pay only once a product is launched. So your business is only charged if an app is actually used and apps can be purchased by monthly subscription.

The apps are managed and deployed to your WorkSpaces through a centralized management console, giving you more control, the company says.

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  1. Is it getting crowded in the clouds and cyber space?! 😉 It is impressive to see how Amazon developed into a big player in the web service area.

  2. Have to agree. I am somehow surprised on how people are accepting the Cloud. But I guess it is easy. It shows that you can have a common location for all of your important files. I guess it is natural for Amazon to take the lead for it is already on the Internet for quite some time. Market-wise, they are a step ahead.