Direct Mail Is Not Dead

Direct Mail Is Not Dead

Do you open all your direct mail? If so, you’re probably among the 70-80 percent of consumers who open almost all their mail, including “junk” mail.

For business, putting a tangible letter in someone’s hands can make a big difference. According to the Direct Marketing Association, 79 percent of consumers act immediately on direct mail, while only 45 percent would say the same for emails. A 2014 Experian Marketing Services Report showed 80 percent of marketers ran cross-channel marketing campaigns across direct mail, email, radio, TV, social media and pay per click.

See how so-called omnichannel marketing can make for a powerful combination below in the infographic by NowSourcing for United Mail.

direct mail dead

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  1. I open my junk mail, but if the offer isn’t obviously customized to me (or a screaming deal) I will only give it a cursory glace before throwing away.

    And one other thing, if the letter has “Or current resident” on the front, it goes straight in the trash because it’s obvious they don’t care who gets it.

  2. I would only open mail that is addressed to me. If it has to the resident or home owner etc.. I don’t bother to open it. I also open most emails also unless I can tell that it is spam I do not want to read.

  3. Completely agree! Not only is direct mail not dead, a direct mail campaign can be very successful. Perhaps the lack of competition in your mailbox has something to do with it, but there’s also a certain level of trust that direct mail marketing has that email marketing doesn’t.