Use the Rule of Thirds to Get Great Photos of Your Business

Great Business Photos

The “rule of thirds,” one of the main rules of photography, helps you get well balanced and interesting pictures. If you imagine the image in the frame divided into nine equal parts by two horizontal and two vertical lines, then you want all of your photo’s important compositional elements placed along these lines or at their intersections. That’s the rule of thirds.

To help you apply this rule to great business photos, folder printing business Company Folders created an infographic called “How To Use the Rule of Thirds.” It visualizes different types of photos and how the rule of thirds can greatly enhance your final product.

For example, when taking a portrait of one person, it’s best that one of the person’s eyes land on one of the horizontal-vertical intersections. When taking photos of landscapes, you should align the horizon along one of the horizontal lines. And when taking action shots, make sure to place the subject at one end of the grid to create a sense of motion within the picture.

Check out these and other tips for using the rule of thirds to get great business photos in the infographic below.

rule of thirds Great Business Photos

Image: Company Folders

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  1. I’ve learned some bits about photography in that article. Might be useful for Instagram too.