Springbot Turns Instagram Into eCommerce Platform


Springbot, an eCommerce marketing platform that’s designed for online stores, has launched a new product that allows for social selling on Instagram.

The integration of the eCommerce platform with Instagram allows online merchants to sell their merchandise directly to their followers using a customized shopping page that’s linked to their Instagram profile.

Social selling is a new trending concept that allows consumers to not only interact and have conversations with a brand’s social media accounts, but to also make purchases on those sites.

Springbot’s Instagram integration does not really come as a surprise since the eCommerce marketing platform is already provides tools for merchants on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Shopify and Magento store merchants should instantly benefit from the integration as they can now, without any coding or HTML knowledge, create and brand their Instagram shopping page, the company claims. Using Instagram, online store owners can, in three steps, publish a customized link to their profile, encourage viewers to shop among featured products and convert product views to sales.

In an official release, Brooks Robinson, Springbot’s co-founder and CEO explains: “With over 27 percent of the total U.S. population on Instagram and its [dominant] popularity with millennials, it is a critical social platform for online retailers to stay top of mind with consumers in order to drive revenue. Smart commerce marketers are utilizing real-time data to know which products are generating the most social shares and sales, and how to simplify the shopping process to drive online conversions by understanding where to invest marketing dollars.”

In addition to social selling, Springbot Instagram integration gives eCommerce merchants the ability to send followers automated email reminders to visit their website later. Springbot’s tracking tools also allow online store owners to track sales and revenue generated from Instagram and identify hot-selling products.

Overall, Springbot says it aims to combine marketing tools, demographics, content, social and purchase history into one easy to understand collection of data that online business owners can use to make informed business decisions.

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  1. Sounds like a great product integration. Instagram has over 1 billion registered users now and given the visual richness of the platform it makes perfect sense for product sales.

    • I hope the 140 chararacter standard does change. I think 20 more will help many say what they’ve got to say.

  2. This is a great app and makes it easier for many shoppers to get their favorite things from their respective social media sites. This is also great news for merchants as they can sell their products in an easier manner using this app.