SumoRank Tool Great for Stalking Competition on Facebook

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Stalking Competition on Facebook

Last year, I was super excited to review BuzzSumo, albeit a little hesitant to share my secret content discovery weapon. Given how much I use Facebook and how awesome BuzzSumo has been, I was really interested in taking the company’s newest tool, SumoRank, for a test drive.

SumoRank was designed to give marketers insight into what performs best on any Facebook page.

Taking BuzzSumo’s New SumoRank Facebook Page Evaluator for a Test Drive

The most obvious way to use it is to analyze your own Facebook Page’s performance by typing your own Facebook URL into the engine. The first thing you’ll see at the top of the analysis dashboard is an Alexa-like page ranking:

sumorank stalking competition on facebook 1

All this is telling you is how relatively popular your Page was, compared to every other Facebook page out there, in the current month. This insight could be useful for major brands, but doesn’t offer much insight for the average company competing in a smaller space than “every single Facebook Page.”

Slightly more interesting is the “Category SumoRank” in the second box from the left — this tells me that my company page is ranked #2420 amongst all Internet/Software related Facebook pages.

Other information you’ll find on the initial analysis page:

  • Most Popular Post Type
  • Most Popular Day
  • Most Popular Time
  • Estimated Monthly Total Interactions

Now, right at the top, you’ll see this menu that navigates to different insights down the page.

sumorank stalking competition on facebook 2

There are some really cool and useful insights here, all presented in a visual and easy to understand way. Some of these will help you tweak your Facebook posting strategy, for more engaging and effective posts in future.

Awesome Facebook Insights: Content Types, Third-Party Posting & More

Among them, you can see both the average number of engagements per post type and the average number of engagements for your shorter versus your longer posts:

sumorank stalking competition on facebook 3

You can also see how engagement stacks up for the posts you made from within Facebook as opposed to those posted from a third-party platform like HootSuite.

Of course, it’s always useful to see when you get the greatest engagement, so you can tell when your audience is online and most active:

sumorank stalking competition on facebook 4

SumoRank also shows you which of your specific posts were most engaging:

sumorank stalking competition on facebook 5

Yes, you can see detailed engagement data for each of your posts within Facebook’s Insights tab, but this is great for giving you a quick snapshot of which ones really kicked butt.

Don’t forget too that you can use BuzzSumo (SumoRank links to this at the bottom of the dashboard) to see what’s trending on Facebook. This is great info if you’re trying to newsjack or come up with socially relevant content.

Use SumoRank to Creep the Competition

At a glance, you might think, “I can already see most of this in my own Facebook Insights.” Sure, but you can’t see the performance metrics of your competitors.

Well, now you can. Stalking competition on Facebook just got easier.

You can pull up all of the above information — top performing posts, best days/times for engagement, engagement per post type and more — for any page you want.

sumorank stalking competition on facebook 6

That’s way easier than creeping their chronological posts in an effort to see what’s working for them (as if you weren’t doing that… admit it).

Is it something you’ll add to your social media marketing arsenal?

Image: BuzzSumo/Twitter

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