Twitter and Vine Entwine, Accounts Can Now be Integrated

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Managing Twitter and Vine accounts just got easier.

Twitter has announced closer integration with Vine, which means your Twitter followers will now be able to reach your Vine profile and vice versa.

In a post on the official Vine blog, the company explained: “We’re making it easier for you to find and follow your favorite accounts and creators on both Vine and Twitter. If you’ve connected your Twitter and Vine accounts, your Twitter account will appear on your Vine profile and other areas of the app. And a new Twitter setting lets creators choose to show their Vine account on their Twitter profile.”

The Basics

Once you connect both your accounts, your Twitter user name will appear on your Vine profile as well as in other places throughout the Vine app. What’s more, when someone taps your Twitter user name, they will be redirected to your Twitter account where they can follow you.

On your Twitter account, you will now find a new setting that will allow you to show and link your Vine account. This means, when people visit your Twitter profile they will see the Vine icon alongside your total loops. If they tap the link, they will go straight to your Vine profile. Simple.

Benefits for Users

It’s a sensible move to interconnect Twitter and Vine for a number of reasons. To begin with, Vine users will now be able to connect with a larger community. Considering most Vine personalities use other social networking sites such as Facebook to promote themselves, this integration will draw them to Twitter.

Similarly, Twitter users starting out in Vine will now find it easier to gain an audience.

By making it simpler to find and follow favorite profiles as well as their creators on both platforms, the integration will provide greater visibility for online marketers.

Users will also benefit from account loops, which will show the number of times a Vine video is viewed on Vine’s mobile app, website, Twitter, embeds across the Web and more.

The Vine team goes on to explain: “As people make great Vines that others love and want to watch, those creators get more and more loops. By surfacing that number to the world, anyone can quickly get a sense of that creator and the impact of their Vines.”

Getting Started

To access all these new features, you must have the latest versions of both Vine and Twitter installed on your iOS device.

The Android version is slated to arrive soon.

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  1. I used to have an account in Vine. So now they are now interconnected. Is it because Twitter bought it? I am wondering what it is for.