“77 Seconds To Sales Success” Will Give You the Skills You Need


“77 Seconds to Sales Success” is the ideal reference book for those looking for the best tips to succeed as a salesperson. Written in a concise and user-friendly format, it can be used as a quick reference guide, or to refresh your skills prior to any upcoming sales situation you may happen to have scheduled.

77 Seconds To Sales Success

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When it comes to sales, you’ve either got what it takes or you don’t. And I, for one, would make a lousy salesman! However, if I did have the personality and inclination to become a salesperson, I would hope that I could be mentored by someone such as Kenneth G. Hasty.

In his book, Hasty outlines all the requirements, techniques and tips that every salesperson should know and follow. Some may be basic, but most need to be learned and built upon through experience. In “77 Seconds to Sales Success: The Practical, Tactical, No-Fluff Guide to Excelling as a Salesperson” you will find that the wealth of experience gained by the author has been passed on in this practical guide.

What is “77 Seconds To Sales Success” About?

Regardless of the stage you are at in your sales career, “77 Seconds to Sales Success” provides an abundance of useful tips you can use to convert leads into actual sales, and outlines all the skills and techniques that a salesperson needs to possess.

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The book has been broken down into a series of short chapters, each of which should take less than a couple of minutes to read. Each chapter focuses on one specific area of the sales process that a salesperson can expect to encounter during the course of their sales routine.

For example, in the section that deals with selling, there are among others for example, short chapters on how to sell to different personalities. How to sell capital equipment. How to sell to doctors and how to get, and use, referrals.

Hasty is very specific in the need to be professional, knowledgeable and prepared for any situation. He explains how to make that first appearance count, and how a salesperson needs to know how their company and its products can benefit the person or company he is pitching.

This requires preparation in the form of research. This should not be limited to researching only the company that you are visiting, but also the people that you expect to meet, and the products of your competitors who are also likely to be competing to supply the same or similar product.

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Hasty states: “The more you know about people, their business, their market, the competition, and their likely needs — the better chance you have to make a great first impression.”

Many interesting situations and techniques to use are covered, including how to prepare and work trade shows, events and seminars, which can be lucrative for a salesperson if they know how to work such events properly.

What’s Best About “77 Seconds to Sales Success”

“77 Seconds to Sales Success” has been written in short and easy-to-read chapters, making them practical to use for reference purposes whenever required. Not only does the author provide useful advice, he also includes witty and entertaining anecdotes from his own experiences when working in the sales environment.

“77 Seconds to Sales Success” provides techniques to use for both outside and inside sales. These techniques have been tailored to work for whatever the status and type of client that you are going to encounter.

For a salesperson, closing a sale is the most difficult and most important part of the sales meeting. By the time you reach this point in the process, valuable time and effort will have been expended and you will want it to have been worthwhile. The author covers this part of the process extremely well. He provides tactics and suggests various questions and dialogue which can be used to help close a deal without coming across as being desperate or pushy.

What Could Have Been Done Differently

I have to confess to thoroughly enjoying the concise and well structured way in which “77 Seconds to Sales Success” has been written. However, due to the inclusion of the first chapter, which gives an overall perspective of the requirements to be a successful salesperson, some of the basic points were repeated in later chapters.

For instance, the need for a salesperson to have fresh breath and a neat and clean appearance appears in several of the chapters. Perhaps these basic requirements could have been contained in a chapter of their own.

Why Read “77 Seconds to Sales Success”

Selling is not just a job, it’s a skill. With the amount of competition that you are likely to face when working as a salesperson, you need to make both an impression and give a good pitch. The book “77 Seconds to Sales Success” contains information and practical guidance on how to succeed during each stage of the sales process.

Irrespective of whether you are looking for a job in sales, already working in sales, or simply want to polish up on your selling abilities, “77 Seconds to Sales Success” contains something for everyone. Through the tips and techniques it contains, it covers just about every situation a salesperson is likely to meet.

About the Author

Kenneth G. Hasty has spent more than thirty years working in a sales environment. During that time he has worked in every state in the USA, and also in a variety of countries across the globe.

Having witnessed firsthand how companies often fail in their sales endeavors, he founded My Sales Exec. His company specializes in providing both training and consulting in sales and sales management to businesses that may not be able to afford the services of a full-time sales executive.

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