Spotlight: Need an Event Management Platform? Try Attend

attend event management platform

Live events can be a useful for marketing your brand. But all the planning and logistics involved can be intimidating.

That’s why Attend offers an event management and engagement platform designed not only to help businesses plan events, but also to help them manage relationships with attendees both during and after. Read more about Attend and its offerings in this week’s Small Business Spotlight:

What the Business Does

Offers an event management and engagement platform.

The platform is designed to keep everything related to a company’s events on one central platform. You can use it to invite and manage attendees, streamline operations and even manage conversations during and after events.

The company also offers a mobile app that allows employees to make notes and manage conversations on the go.

Business Niche

Being the sales minded event management platform.

CEO Matt Engel told Small Business Trends, “Marketers love Attend because we help them streamline the event management process which makes their life easier. Sales people love Attend because our app gives them real-time insight into which prospects and customers of theirs have registered or checked into an event — along with the ability to easily record notes of any in-person conversations that can be synced back into salesforce. Executives love Attend because of our VIP text alerts that notify them when a key customer checks into an event and our measurement tools which help our customers measure their event ROI.”

How the Business Got Started

After identifying the need for better event planning processes.

The company was founded by a small team of Northeastern University grads in the summer of 2013.

attend event management platform

Biggest Risk

Testing their system with a huge number of contacts.

The Attend team had to help one of their customers load 400,000 contacts into their account for a huge event they were holding. This was a lot for their system to manage, but it ended up working out. Engel explains, “Thankfully we were able to handle it and our customer was thrilled that they had every contact they needed when they needed them most.”

Lesson Learned

Build a strong product early.

Engel says, “Recently underwent a massive project to rebuild the backbone of our product to make it more reliable and stable as we continue to grow and scale. In hindsight, we would have built a strong backbone for our product on day one — instead of 18 months into the company’s launch.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Hiring another engineer.

Office Tradition

Playing celebratory theme songs.

Engel says, “Every time we win a new customer — our sales reps have their own “theme” song (like “We are the Champions”) that is played alerting everyone in the office that we closed another deal. It’s a great way to get everyone from finance to engineering involved in our growth.”

attend event management platform

If the Business Were a Song

“You’re the best” – theme song from Karate Kid

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  1. I love the idea with the theme songs. I’m going to suggest it in my office.

  2. Holding an event can be cumbersome in a sense that you have to keep track of the attendees and have to know if they changed their minds. I guess having an app for this makes it a bit easier.

    • Yes, it can definitely be a challenge. But it seems like the features could definitely make at least some of the process easier!