Best Business Gifts Under $10 for 2015

Best Business Gifts Under $10

Update: For a list of updated business gifts under $10 see 20 Best Business Gifts for Under $10.

It’s gift giving season again. Even if you are not one to give in to holiday cheer, you can take advantage of the opportunity to show your appreciation to those you work with all year.

And you don’t have to empty your wallet to give a great gift. Take a look at this list of fun business gifts all $10 or less!

State Bottle Stopper

Best Business Gifts Under $10

Here’s a fun one that also gives a personalized touch. This natural slate bottle stopper comes in any of the 50 United States. So pick one in the state your recipient lives in to give them some hometown pride.

Salt Water Taffy

Best Business Gifts Under $10

Candy is always a good option for a gift, but might we suggest a candy option with some vintage flare? This one pound salt water taffy assortment comes in a replica Fralinger’s original souvenir box that makes the candy all that more special.

Janie Dry Cleaner Stick

Best Business Gifts Under $10

Gifts can be practical and appreciated. Take a look at this Janie dry cleaner stick that uses natural clay to absorb stains, then the residue is simply swept away using the included brush. And it looks pretty nice for something so handy.

Cherry Wood Field Notes

Best Business Gifts Under $10

You can give a gift that’s useful with a touch of ruggedness. These field notes are pocket-sized and come three in a pack. There are 48 pages of graph lined paper held within the real cherry wood cover.

Sputnik Vase

Best Business Gifts Under $10

Desk decor is always a nice gift option and this Sputnik vase is just a little quirky without being over the top. The clear glass sphere can hold buds, a few flowers, pens or just sit there looking cute.

French Press

Best Business Gifts Under $10

Here’s one for the fancy coffee and tea drinkers on your list, and we all know they are out there. This French press is compact, single serve and comes in a fun, aqua color.

Avon Hand Cream

Best Business Gifts Under $10

With cute holiday versions of this Avon classic and small enough to fit in a purse or pocket these hand moisturizers make a good gift option. Coming in under $1 each you can grab a handful of these cute little guys to send to someone on your list.

Fun Socks

Best Business Gifts Under $10

Lots of people like to add a little fun to their outfit with a pair of unique socks. Bright yellow and with a quirky library card design, this gift could make the sock lover and book lover on your list happy.

Evergreen Mini Reed Diffuser

Best Business Gifts Under $10

It won’t take up much space but it can really impact a room. This mini reed diffuser comes in a woodsy Norwegian and Siberian fir scent that can be a touch of holiday without screaming Santa Claus.

Survival Credit Card

Best Business Gifts Under $10

It’s handy and fits in a wallet. The survival credit card offers 11 different tools including a knife edge, screwdriver, wrench and more. It can fit on a keychain or slip in a pocket making it a great gift for someone who likes to be prepared.

Apothecary Bath Salts

Best Business Gifts Under $10

The packaging is as pretty as the contents are pampering. Bath salts are often an appreciated gift to receive, but this option also comes infused with essential oils in an attractive glass jar with a wooden scoop.

Rose Gold Letter Holder

Best Business Gifts Under $10

It’s all about the gold! You can give a little bling without breaking the bank with this rose gold letter holder. It’s minimalist, shiny and functional. That’s got to be a gift giving win!

A gift does not have to come with a high price tag to show appreciation. A fun and thoughtful gift, even one under $10, can convey your thanks without breaking your wallet.

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Update: For a list of updated business gifts under $10 see 20 Best Business Gifts for Under $10.

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  1. As for me, I am into planners lately, so I would love to get something like that.

  2. As a “poor” capitalist, this list comes handy! 😉 I am a fan of Field Notes notebooks. 🙂

  3. This is even a great ideas for year-end gifts for clients.

    Thanks for the list. 🙂


  4. This year we decide exactly to give our customers mini branded defusers for the holidays. It`s little more than 10$, but it worthed. Happy holidays 🙂

  5. The French press is a great suggestion, as long as the person is a coffee lover! I switched to one from a drip coffee maker, and I can’t ever go back.

  6. Well, State Bottle Stopper is a must-have in our office. We simply love friday afternoon. 😀

  7. All kinds of mugs are perfect for gifts! With star wars battles, yoda, I saw wine glasses with Game of thrones or just MEH mug 🙂 these are all under 10$.

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