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5 Tips to Drive Sales After the Holidays

sales after the holidays

After all the holiday exuberance and eggnog comes the dreaded, post-holiday sales draught. This is the not-so-merry-and-bright time when online sales come to a screeching halt, returned items start to pile up causing a logistical disaster, gift cards become filed and forgotten, and credit card companies shift into overtime.

Never fear. It can still be a sellers market if you strategize the right way. Below are tips that will help you keep the sales coming.

How to Drive Sales After the Holidays

1. Have a Sale After the New Year

Shoppers come for sales no matter what time of year it is. Not to mention, this may be a great way to capture those gift card dollars and turn returns into exchanges. With a dollar that has more stretch than Gumby, shoppers will use the sales to put away the gifts for another day. You may be tired of the sale, but it may be a great way to generate new customers.

2. Retarget Your Market

According to the statistics, remarketing has incredible power.

According to comScore study [1], Retargeted ads led to a 1046% increase in branded search and a 726% lift in site visitation after four weeks of retargeted ad exposure. Give Facebook’s FBX or Twitter’s Tailored Audience exchange a try.

3. Re-evaluate Your Holiday Give Back Programs

If you sell to Millennials, make sure you speak their language. If you’re partnering with a charity or organization over the holidays, know that Millennials care about issues, not organizations. According to the CEO of Achieve and researcher for The Millennial Impact Derrick Feldmann, “What motivates Millennials is a desire to affect THEIR cause through YOUR organization with their friends.” Know what your customers care about.

4. Make Good Use of Your Down Time

Use the quiet time to learn more about your customers through social media. A few ways to do so is to:

5. Increase Repeat Engagement

Return visitors generate revenue. Set up an automated follow-up email that ‘checks in’ with the customer to make sure they are happy with the service or product. Any merchant sending out a receipt and tracking number but not following up after the product has been received in missing an opportunity to develop a relationship with that customer.

Sale [2] Image via Shutterstock