Facebook Introduces Dynamic Call-To-Action Buttons for Local Ads

facebook location for pages

While most small businesses can now promote themselves globally online, many still need to be local because that is where the customers are. With that perspective in mind, Facebook launched Local Awareness Ads in 2014.

The purpose of this platform was to let businesses find new customers by showing ads to people that are in the same vicinity as their store. With the success of this initial platform, Facebook has just announced the addition of two new tools that will improve local marketing for businesses with multiple locations and provide more insights into the people that are near the stores.

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The first addition makes it easier to create ads that are more relevant for each location of your business. This could be important because even if you have the same products and services at different location, the demographics of the people that live around them may be totally different.

Facebook Location for Pages

Using Facebook Location for Pages, which is a tool Facebook provides for connecting and managing business pages with more than one location, businesses can localize their ads for each store with dynamic ad copy, links and call-to-action buttons.

An example Facebook gives is a café with multiple locations running local awareness ads by populating the city name automatically in the ad copy where ever the customer sees the ad. Taking New York City as an example, the ad would be different for each borough. It would go something like this, “Join us for lunch in Queens,” “Join us for lunch in Brooklyn,” or “Join us for lunch in Manhattan.”

The call-to-action buttons can say “call now,” “get directions,” etc., which according to Facebook, will introduce more efficient ad spend because it is making a connection with customers that are more likely to visit the store.

The shared information is hyper-local and relevant, making it easier to target ads. The address of each store is on the business page, and advertisers can choose the store they want to run ads for with the desired radius for each store.

Each location can also get a report on ad performance. Based on this information, businesses can make the necessary adjustments to their advertising budgets.

Facebook Page Insights

The second new addition delivers data about customers around the location of the business. Using Facebook Page Insights, a company can find out the cumulative demographic and trends that are specific to the people in a location.

Some of the data points a business can collect and use include:

  • The neighborhood’s busiest days of the week and times of day,
  • Aggregated demographics of the people nearby, including age, gender, tourist or local resident,
  • The percentage of people nearby who have seen their ad.

By understanding the customers in their area, businesses can cater to their needs with greater accuracy. With these two new tools from Facebook, local businesses will have more insight to tailor their marketing for each of their locations.

Facebook has already begun rolling out the new features, according to an official post on the company’s Facebook for Business page. The roll out will continue over the coming weeks.

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  1. Nice to see Facebook building the functionality for multi-location businesses. It’s been a need for quite some time, so this is a big step.

  2. Hi Robert,
    It is a great feature, especially when you add all the insights you can get as a business.

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