Monthly Archives: November 2015

godaddy seo

GoDaddy Develops Search Engine Visibility at the Touch of a Button

Creating a website for your business is one thing. Getting people to visit it is another. Popular domain registrar and Web hosting company GoDaddy may have the answer. Here's a tool that can help you gain online visibility without being a search engine guru.

facebook location for pages

Facebook Introduces Dynamic Call-To-Action Buttons for Local Ads

Sure, you can promote your business to the whole world these days. But if you operate a small chain of coffee shops in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, what does that matter? You need tools and data to reach the customers in your immediate neighborhood. Read on.

sites on wordpress

25 Percent of Websites Are Now on WordPress

If you use WordPress for your business website, you're not alone. And the number of sites powered by the popular publishing platform continues to rise, according to a recent survey. Read on.

Social Media Savvy

Is Your Small Business as Social Media Savvy as You Think?

Small business owners, if asked, might say they have addressed social media for their brands. But when you look at their social media activity, what do you see? How long ago was their last post and how fluent are they on each platform?

ipad pro

The New Apple Supersized iPad Pro Finally Arrives

The new 12.9 inch device may be much more than just another tablet. Apple leadership has hinted that the device may signal a replacement for the notebook or desktop. And there are definitely features to interest business users.

CRM Marketing

Best Practices for CRM Marketing Integration

If you use CRM for your marketing -- and you should -- you won't want to miss this. It's a guide for how to use CRM in your own business starting with giving your employees the necessary training.

Unlimited OneDrive Storage

Microsoft Ends Unlimited OneDrive Storage for Office 365

Some subscribers to Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage service may have to air down the data they currently have stored under their account. The software company says it is tweaking the amount of cloud storage it can offer.