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understanding your prospects

How To Get Into The Mind Of Your Prospects

OK, so it may not be possible to literally get inside a potential client's head and understand they're thinking but getting a better understanding of their current situation will help you going forward.

Mobile Commerce Tips

30 Mobile Commerce Tips to Improve Sales Today

Just having a mobile commerce site for your small business doesn't guarantee you'll have sales. Here are tips for an effective mobile commerce strategy to boost your business.

Likability Factor

What Is Your Likability Factor?

How people perceive you weighs a lot on your successful ability to network with others. So, how does a small business owner become a likable person?

Local Digital Marketing

31 Tips for Local Digital Marketing

A local small business could still benefit from digital marketing. The people they serve are online so it behooves a small business to have an effective local digital marketing plan in place.

Run Your Small Business from Home

6 Ways to Smartly Run Your Small Business from Home

Running a small business from home doesn't necessarily require wearing pajamas through meetings. In fact, dressing the part can help your business become more successful. This is just one tip to help guide the home-based entrepreneur to success.

Google Chrome Support

Google Chrome Support on Older Operating Systems Ends in 2016

Google says it will end support for its Chrome browser for users who are still hanging on to Windows XP. The company extended support until the end of 2015 because there were still a lot of XP users worldwide but is drawing a line in the sand at the end of the year.

Instagram Partner Program

Instagram Partner Program Unveiled for Business Users

Instagram is interested in having more small businesses use its platform to market their products and brands. It's created a Partner program where larger businesses who've found more success on Instagram mentor those just getting started.

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