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snapchat video views

Snapchat Hits 6 Billion Daily Video Views

SnapChat's new video viewing milestone is important for two reasons. First, because its a whole lot of videos. But second, because it puts the upstart within easy range of outdoing Facebook.

In the News: GoDaddy, Facebook Release New Marketing Tools

In the News: GoDaddy, Facebook Release New Marketing Tools

Small businesses typically have a website these days but one of the most important aspects of it -- SEO -- is a bit tricky for the busy entrepreneur. Luckily, GoDaddy introduced a tool this week that aims to take care of it with one click of a button. Read about this and other updates in this week's Small Business News and Information Roundup.

Starbucks Red Cups

Starbucks Red Cups Controversy Shows Need to Understand Customers

You can't please everyone all the time. But, at the same time, a recent controversy over the design of a simple holiday cup is a reminder of how important it is to understand customer sentiment. Starbucks doesn't seem to be any worse for ware. So the lesson may be that while it's important to be sensitive, some reactions are beyond our control.

small business on twitter

10 Reasons Your Small Business Needs to Be On Twitter

You know the powerful benefits of networking on Twitter. But far from being simply a nice add on to your marketing and networking efforts. Melissa Thompson now insists it is a necessity. Here's why you need to be tweeting today.

Clip-on Man Bun

Does Your Product Demand Attention Like the Clip-on Man Bun?

Love it or hate it, a product or service people can't stop talking about has a distinct advantage in the marketplace. Consider the clip-on man bun. Are there similar remarkable products or services you could create that generate their own buzz?

Blackberry Priv

Can the Blackberry Priv Android Device Tempt You Back?

Blackberry is hoping its first Android phone ever will win the company back some of the widespread business use the company's products once enjoyed. But does the device have what it takes to draw business users away from the many other mobile choices now out there?

Network Like A Teenager

Do You Know How to Network Like A Teenager?

Want to learn to network for your business more effective? Just think back to your experience in high school. You may be surprised how much you knew back then about how to connect with others. Perhaps it's time to relearn some of those skills in your business today.

Community Building

25 Community Building Tips from Jersey Shore Hurricane News

Founder Justin Auciello grew the Jersey Shore Hurricane News, a South Jersey-based news community, from nothing to 225,000 strong on Facebook. And he has equally impressive followings on Twitter and Instagram. Here are some tips Auciello shares with small business owners about how to create a powerful and effective community of your own.

Fiverr Raises $60 Million

Fiverr Raises $60 Million, Eliminates $5 Rule

The website known for offering a seemingly endless stream of services for $5 is changing its approach. While Fiverr's unique pricing is certainly what set it apart in the beginning, the company now feels it could be limiting. Here's how Fiverr is trying to shake things up.