Web.com Introduces Safe Email with Encryption for Business

Email Encryption for Business

Do you ever get the sneaking suspicion your email isn’t as secure as it could be? For the everyday, you probably don’t give email security much thought. But when sending confidential information and business files extra protection may be a good idea.  

What this boils down to is sometimes you just need a little more security.

That’s the idea behind Web.com’s new email encryption service. Called Secure Mail with Guard Encryption, the new service is provided through Web.com’s affiliated brand Network Solutions.

This video shows more about how the process works:

“While regular email is secure enough for everyday communications, small business owners often need the added security of email encryption,” stated Jason Teichman, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Web.com in a company release. “Guard Encryption provides an added layer of security that will let our customers send and/or store their private or confidential communications and files with confidence.”

Web.com is known for its online tools designed for small business owners. The company offers Internet services such as online marketing, build-it-yourself websites, eCommerce, and hosting. But this new service will add online security to the list.

Web.com’s tools and services are all aimed at saving time and frustration for small business owners.

According to the company, Secure Mail works by using PGP technology. PGP is a data encryption program that uses various “keys” to safely send emails and ensure only the intended recipients can read them. There are keys for the sender to secure the email, and keys for the recipient to unlock and read the email.

But Web.com claims all the complexity of PGP is completely transparent. This means that to use it neither sender nor recipient actually needs to know which key to use. Instead when you want to send an encrypted email all you have to do is click the “send secure” button that located in the upper right corner.


Once the send secure button is turned on, Secure Mail automatically selects the right key to encrypt the email. Once sent all the recipient must do is open the email. Send Secure will again select the appropriate key to unlock the message without the recipient needing to do anything different.

It’s simple security without the need for any tech knowledge or complicated extra steps.

With a Secure Mail plan you get PGP email encryption and a number of other features. Features include tamper proof Encryption Guard that lets user “sign” an email and notifies a recipient if the email is altered in anyway. You also get 10GB email storage and 15GB files storage, an online productivity calendar, and mobile access to email, files, and calendar.

You can sign up for a Secure Mail plan through Network Solutions. Pricing starts at $7.74 a month.  

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  1. I do not like how this article doesn’t talk about the other, already existing, encrypted email services. I understand that they may not be made for business, however, the fact that you leave out alternate solutions, and don’t even make a mere comparison to another service makes the article look very biased. I personally believe that this article was paid for by Web.com.

  2. They’re lucky to be able to get that 3-letter domain name. Now that they have that, they only need to provide a good product or service and they’re ready to go.

  3. I remember I tried fiddling around with PGP keys back in the day. Good to hear that you could get a simple and safe solution for your business email conversations.

  4. Existing solutions are much simpler, cheaper, have more features and integrate with what you have already.

    • As a Web.com/Network Solutions customer, I would not recommend any product from these companies. Their service and customer support is terrible, prices outrageous, standard email is always having problems. I would not trust any of their products, especially those listed as being “secure.”