10 Reasons Your Small Business Needs to Be On Twitter

Social media has transformed the way that small businesses operate in the last few years. One of the biggest social media sites in the world is Twitter, yet many companies think they can do without a strong Twitter presence.

Twitter is now an indispensable tool for business, regardless of what business you are in. Is your small business on Twitter? If not, it should be.


There are 100 million daily active users on Twitter right now, and they post 500 million tweets a day. That means that each user is tweeting on an average of 5 times per day, whereas the average Facebook user only posts 1 time each day. Nearly everyone you know is going to be on Twitter, and what better way is there to ensure exposure for your company than by having a social media account that will give the possibility of reaching a billion worldwide users? Twitter is free, so imagine how much that exposure would cost your company through traditional advertising.


Regardless of the social benefits, Twitter has its own analytics program. Analytics is data, and in the twenty-first century, data is everything. Using Twitter, you can see which tweets are popular. You can see what content outperforms the rest, and you can optimize every message you send to have maximum impact.

Online reputation management

Whether you like it or not, people are going to learn about your company on the internet. You have two options: You can either leave your online reputation to chance – and run the risk of disgruntled customers ruining your reputation – or you can take the chance to create your own visual image. Which is healthier for your business?


This is related to the point above. Customers will use Twitter to review your service. Whether that is good or bad news, you want to be able to be a part of that review system. Even if it’s just to hear feedback, it’s a valuable resource. You can correct errors and reward where reward is due.

Your community is on Twitter

A business is not an island. It’s a part of a community. If your community is on Twitter, then you need to be on it, too. This ensures a positive relationship for years to come.

Building rapport with potential customers

People will often tweet, “I wish I could have X.” If X is your service, realise that that person is a potential customer. If you give that person something they want, they might be a lifelong customer.

Showing that you’re helpful

Twitter allows you, or an employee of yours, to help people. If someone has got a problem, then you can write a tweet solving their problem. Even if it’s nothing to do with your business, the fact that your company is being helpful means that you’ll build good will in your community and you’ll build relationships on Twitter.

Twitter appeals to a different demographic

With people over the age of 25, Facebook is becoming more popular. But what about the younger group? Older teens are actually too cool to be on Facebook because they’re afraid that their parents can follow their every move. In order to reach a younger demographic, you’ll need to use Twitter.

Your competitors are doing it

If nothing else, you should engage your audience on Twitter because if you don’t, then someone else will. It’s that simple. Your competitors are on Twitter, and they are stealing your customers from you using our tips in this article.

Twitter gives you more for your money

A brand’s visibility on Facebook now depends on just how much it is willing to spend. That’s because there is a decline in Facebook’s organic reach. Twitter, on the other hand, does better than Facebook ads and drives more clicks.

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Melissa Thompson

Melissa Thompson Melissa Thompson is a freelance producer and writer at USA Today for the web only video interview series 'Your Take'. She lives in Utah with her 2 kids and husband.

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  1. Martin Lindeskog

    Melissa: I have been using Twitter since 2007 and I will keep using it as one of my main tools for my business activities.

  2. Not for just small business, twitter is also valuable for a big business.

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