Is It Time for a Tablet to Replace Your Notebook?

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Replace Your Notebook

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The Apple iPad Pro is big, it’s built for businesses and enterprises who want to attempt to replace their notebook computers. To get a model with as much memory as you can and a good keyboard you can expect to pay around $1,200, as reported by the WSJ. Windows Surface tablet, which I use (I’m part of Microsoft’s Ambassador program) is about the same price for the high end version.

So here’s why I’m not quite ready to give up my notebook computer — I need a full sized keyboard for long form typing. The Surface keyboard is very good, but it’s not as good as my Lenovo X1 Carbon Keyboard.

However, those differences between a “notebook” and “tablet” are quickly being erased.

They’re being erased not by tablets that come with keyboards, but more so by two-in-one computers that have detachable keyboards. These devices, give you the ultimate portability and flexibility in meetings and in the office, and give you a full computer experience on the road. Microsoft’s Surface Book is this type of device as are those by Dell, Lenovo, HP and other vendors.

It’s always good to have a small, thin, light tablet in your accessory tool box. But it’s also good to have a notebook computer for long trips away from the office — even if that notebook has a detachable screen or keyboard.

Technology is quickly evolving and within two — three years, two-in-one notebooks will be the norm for all new tablets.

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  1. You get a Surface Pro through the Ambassador program? Lucky!

    I agree with you that a hybrid device is the way of the future but I too have a hybrid setup. I use a Surface Pro 3 but when I’m at the office I dock it through a Plugable docking station so that by plugging in one USB I have access to a larger external monitor, full keyboard, mouse, printer, etc. Basically a full desktop setup.

    If I need to get out and about I just unplug the docking station, pop the keyboard on and go! It’s great.

  2. I use a tablet for browsing but nothing beats having a good old keyboard when you’re working. So I guess I have to go with a notebook in that area.