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Top Pinned Products

As we get into the holiday season, the visual bookmarking tool Pinterest is looking to help those who may be running short on gift ideas, publishing a list of its most-pinned products of 2015.

Some of the top pinned products are pretty great gift ideas. Here they are, from one to ten:

  1. A new wave water bottle
  2. A solar charger for your smartphone
  3. Lace-up boots to hit the pavement 
  4. Glow in the dark leggings take athleisure to a new level
  5. Asymmetrical coats
  6. Artful gemstones 
  7. A smarter way to pack your bag
  8. Stylish swaddle blankets
  9. Graphic tees and tops 
  10. Tapestries to transform your bedroom

While the listingof top pinned products itself offers shoppers some pretty awesome suggestions, ideas and inspiration, it also highlights the type of products and content that is resonating best among the Pinterest audience.

If you are marketing products that are similar in theme or style to any of the products on the list, you should be considering using Pinterest as a marketing platform for your products, borrowing ideas from the products on the list on how to do just that.

According to a CivicScience survey, Pinterest users shop more on Black Friday and Cyber Monday than the average online user. Pinners spend four times more on games and toys, three times more on accessories, housewares and clothing and 2.2 times more on media and electronics. The study also found out that Pinners will shop across more types of stores, including small businesses.

With the findings in mind, any brand, advertiser or small business that seeks to increase their sales this festive season should therefore seriously focus on Pinterest.

The social networking site has immensely grown in the past year, recently announcing that it had hit a major milestone — 100 million monthly active users.  With the addition of individually relevant search tools and improved on-platform buying options, Pinterest is on track to become an e-commerce giant.

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  1. I think that this generation have an inkling towards unique and artistic products. They don’t want products that all people can have. They want to hold on to something unique that they only have.

  2. I would have to agree on that. People of this generation want to share something unique and will benefit many. This is one reason why launching a product online is a good choice. You may not have the resources to promote in a big way but your product itself will pave the way. But of course not all products will hit it big. It is still a gamble. A hit or miss.

  3. No food or beverage products on the top list?