51 Ways to Say Thank You – A Gigantic List (Bookmark It!)

Ways to Say Thank You

Saying “thank you” is good manners. And it brings with it satisfaction that makes you happy. Since it’s the time of year when individuals tend to show gratitude to one another, it’s a great time for your business to do the same.

Below are ideas for ways to say thank you to your customers, clients, partners, suppliers and anyone else who has helped you along the way.

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Creative Ways to Say Thank You

  1. Send out hand-written Thank You cards to your top clients and be sure to make each one specific and personal.
  2. Invite members of your community to a party at your local store or restaurant.
  3. Offer free samples of your products to holiday shoppers.
  4. Consultants, package your best advice together in a free eBook and give it away.
  5. Hold an online contest to give away a free product or service to one (or more) of your most loyal customers.
  6. Bakeries and coffee shops, host a free tasting event.
  7. Award a shopping spree or free gift card to one of your customers and ask them to pay it forward by doing something nice for someone else.
  8. Call up your best clients and take them to lunch – just because.
  9. Send a discount to your customers on the anniversary of their first purchase from you.
  10. If you have customers around the country (or the world), host a coffee meetup when you visit a new city and invite customers who live nearby.
  11. Publicly thank your customers individually on social media.
  12. Let customers share their input on which charities you support over the holidays.
  13. If you offer any membership based services, offer surprise upgrades for the highest membership level to a few of your lower-level subscribers.
  14. Send a gift or card to your customers on their birthday or other dates that are important specifically to them.
  15. Host a meet-and-greet event to offer customers the chance to get to know the people behind your business.
  16. B2B businesses, send more business to your clients by giving them relevant referrals whenever possible.
  17. When customers share suggestions, send them a personalized note letting them know how you implemented their feedback.
  18. If you have customers who pay a regular monthly fee for your services, discount a small percentage off their fee for one month.
  19. Send a gift card or discount code from one of your partner businesses to your customers.
  20. Host an after hours event like a reading or an open mic night.
  21. Promote your partners or business clients with a quick shout out on social media.
  22. Create a section of your website specifically to showcase your partners and business clients. Highlight different clients on your main page every week.
  23. Send out some branded gifts like t-shirts or tote bags with your company logo.
  24. Offer complimentary coffee and other treats in your entryway or waiting area.
  25. Find a book that you think would be useful for your clients or partners and share it with them.
  26. Reach out to customers on a regular basis just to make sure they’re satisfied with your products or services.
  27. Highlight standout customers in a blog post or video on your website.
  28. Share relevant articles or other resources from sources that aren’t your own with your customers on social media or via email.
  29. Bloggers, offer free ad-space or sponsored posts to loyal readers who fit with your content.
  30. Host educational seminars or online classes and invite your existing clients early.
  31. Offer up your space for local groups or charity organizations when you’re not using it.
  32. Sponsor local meetups or networking events to help your clients meet others in their industries.
  33. When you launch a new product or service, publicly call for customers to help you name it. Give a prize or public shout out to the winner.
  34. Create a video that says thank you to customers and shows them a behind the scenes look at your company.
  35. Send individual thank you messages to customers who share your products or nice experiences about your business on social media.
  36. Retailers, offer complimentary giftwrapping with purchases over the holidays.
  37. Send a gift card or coffee via Starbucks’ mobile app to customers you can’t meet with for coffee in person.
  38. Create a personalized eCard to send to your customers on holidays.
  39. Plan a happy hour outing once a month and invite your clients, partners and employees out for an informal get together.
  40. When a client mentions a unique hobby or interest, make a note of it and use that to pick out any future gifts, rather than just sending generic items.
  41. Host a giveaway when you launch a new product or service, giving your best customers a chance to try it for free.
  42. Send your clients a basket of their favorite baked goods or other snacks just to let them know how important they are to your business.
  43. Be open and honest with your customers when your business goes through any changes, good or bad.
  44. Local businesses, include a bulletin board in your location that customers and community members can use to share information about local causes and events.
  45. Use your social media accounts to promote or highlight important local issues and keep community members informed.
  46. Send a free gift, along with a thank you note, to customers along with their purchase.
  47. Offer a loyalty program that gives customers a discount or incentive for repeat purchases.
  48. Send cards to people on holidays other than the major ones, especially if you have clients who don’t celebrate things like Christmas.
  49. Hold a flash sale, just for an hour or two, to give deep discounts to customers who are ready to buy – now.
  50. Pick up the phone and call your clients just to check in and see if there’s anything you can help them with.
  51. Say thank you in person. Every time a customer does business with you, say “thank you.”

Using the above creative ideas for ways to say thank you will really show your appreciation. And remember – it’s important to show gratitude and say thank you on a regular basis as well.

Be sure to check out our gift giving guide for a slew of gift ideas as well!

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